WND Exclusive – A ‘cooling off’ period for gun buyers but not abortion seekers?

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

The other day I was discussing with fellow geeks the still-ongoing rioting, looting, destruction of property and general violence in cities throughout our country.

The conversation eventually bumped up against the latest “bail reform” laws promoted and passed by radical leftist city and state leaders.

And this got me to thinking about the juxtaposition of what leftists think is important and what isn’t. In other words, just how consistent are they?

In states and cities controlled by leftists, the waiting period to purchase a gun can range from three days to 30 days, like in New York.

Regardless whether a law-abiding citizen does everything right, which law-abiding citizens tend to do, the waiting period is still the same.

By doing “everything right,” I mean that first, they’re law-abiding. Second, they purchase, like we all do, from a licensed store or federal firearms licensed (ffl) dealer, who then makes you fill out a laborious form and runs a federal firearms background check. You might even say they do so “universally.”

That should be sufficient, but or course it isn’t in states and cities controlled by anti-gun leftists. You still have to wait.

The reason behind this delay is said to be, in typical feel-good fashion, a “cooling off” period – time to ponder the wrongness of your decision to purchase a death machine designed for one purpose – killing innocents!

“The idea behind a ‘cooling off’ period is to give people a period of time to cool down and lower their emotions. …”

That sounds reasonable if you begin with the assumption that everyone wanting to buy a gun is an over-emotional maniac, which of course leftists do.

Regardless, a “cooling off” period sounds important to leftists.

Or does it? Surprisingly, buying a gun seems to be about the only thing one has to “cool off” over.

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