WND Exclusive – A Brief History of the Insidious Income Tax

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

As we are knee-deep in tax season, I thought it might be useful to explain why Americans aren’t rioting over the size of the ever-ballooning national debt and yearly federal budget deficit – how Washington is taxing and spending us into oblivion and yet we just don’t seem to care.

One of the reasons is surely that many Americans don’t feel they have skin in the game.

Sure, during each election cycle, when a pollster calls, we tell him or her that fiscal responsibility is one of our top priorities. Consistently, in virtually every national poll, among the top 10 concerns of voters in 2020 were taxes, spending, debt and deficits.

But in the real world, it must not bother most of us as much as we claim. I explained, years ago, that this odd juxtaposition is due almost entirely to income tax withholding – that we don’t miss what we never receive. It’s aptly called “reduced taxpayer awareness.”

As we know (hopefully), the income tax is the fault of both President Taft and President Wilson, with the passage and enactment of the 16th Amendment in 1913. This merely allowed the government to collect income taxes. But the story neither starts nor ends their.

Wartime has always afforded the government the optimal opportunity to introduce additional taxes. The introduction of the “wartime” income tax actually began during the Civil War. It was adopted in 1862, although the idea gained traction during the war of 1812. This “wartime” income tax was the first graduated (progressive) tax, with higher rates for higher incomes.

The war ended in 1865, yet the income tax was not repealed until 1872.

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