WND Exclusive – 4 Biden options for ducking the debates

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Joe Biden cannot do live debates with Trump. Even at full capacity, Biden was an empty suit. But sadly, now it would be a blood bath.

However, on June 22, the Biden campaign did confirm, “to three scheduled debates with President Trump in September and October and criticized the president for taking varied positions on whether he would participate in debates and how many,” wrote the Washington Post.

From there, leftists have been working on a strategy, any strategy, for extricating Uncle Joe from this pending predicament.

And there appears to be a fresh new one that was floated just recently from someone you might not expect.

Assuming all else fails, I thought that the Democrats would concentrate on a coronavirus strategy. It seems to me to be the most obvious.

The plan, I thought, was quite simple. Due to the age of both presidential candidates, it would be too much of a risk for the candidates to take the stage together – plus moderators and camera people, audience, etc.

I’m sure, however, that like Major League Baseball, they would place cardboard cutouts in the auditorium seats in lieu of actual people and leftist activist plants.

Instead the Dems would insist, or rather demand – because that’s what leftists do – that debates be held via Zoom or Skype.

This way Biden’s face would be on one giant monitor and Trump on another. Off camera, his handlers could feed Joe lines and possibly even audio promptings through a tiny, hidden earpiece. I’m sure they could borrow one from John Brennan or James Comey. Maybe Christopher Steele, former MI6, has an extra.

But that has yet to be suggested. Maybe they’re holding it in reserve.

Back on July 7, the New York Times’ Thomas “Loopy” Friedman posited a scheme for avoiding the debates. The man, who has literally never been right about anything, may have come up with something.

The article was entitled: “Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless … Here are two conditions the Democrat should set.”

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