Will Pelosi Cost You Your Full-Time Job?

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Nancy Pelosi still insists that Obamacare will improve the lives of average Americans, despite over 20 reports indicating otherwise.

“Because  of the law, in the coming months Americans will have expanded choices and more  affordable care.” Pelosi said at a recent Capitol Hill briefing. “We will be  enhancing patients’ rights, putting money back in the pockets of consumers,  reducing costs and strengthening the economic, financial, and health security  of working families.”

She goes further to say that Obamacare  will even lower the nation’s debt.

“The  Affordable Care Act is bringing the cost of health care in our country down in  both the public and private sector,” said Pelosi. “And that is what is largely  responsible for the deficit coming down.”

But what she doesn’t realize is that her numbers are flawed.

“Despite promises that the law  will lower costs, [Obamacare] will in fact cause the premiums of many Americans  to spike substantially,” a report released by the U.S. House of  Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce concluded. “The broken promises are numerous, and the data reveals  that many Americans, from recent college graduates to older adults, will not be  able to afford the law’s higher costs.”

The report is based on responses from 17 insurance  companies to a letter from Congress asking them to estimate the effects  Obamacare would have on premiums and found that individuals in about 90% of all  states would likely face “significant premium increases.”

Furthermore, the committee found that some  individuals may see premium increases up to 413%.

On top of  higher premiums, Obamacare will create no fewer than  twenty new taxes or tax hikes on the American people.

Most of the new taxes go into effect January 1, 2014, but they are already  infuriating millions of Americans.

The Obama administration has even given the IRS an extra $500 million to  enforce the rules and regulations of Obamacare.

The new taxes don’t bode well for middle-class Americans. Incomes for the  rich have soared this decade but middle class workers have seen their wages  stagnate and even drop since the 2008 Great Recession.

Many fear Obamacare with its high insurance costs and new taxes, could  provide the middle class a fatal blow.

Of course, the Obamacare plan was primarily designed to decrease the number  of uninsured Americans and reduce healthcare costs.

Experts are saying it will have the exact opposite effect. In fact, it’s  estimated that Obamacare will cost the average taxpayer nearly $6,000 in extra  taxes as early as next year.

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