Will Government Ever Extricate Itself from Higher Education?

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No and why it want to. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have ever proposed such a thing, and most never will. But some on the right are at least proposing some changes.Image result for college loan bailouts

from the Federalist:

6 Serious Counterproposals To Democrats’ Insane Higher Ed Bailouts

The student loan debt bubble will soon burst, and the proper solution is not to throw $1.6 trillion of taxpayers’ money at a government-created problem.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom are running for president, each have a higher ed plan: Warren’s would pay off $50,000 of student debt for those earning less than $100,000, and Bernie’s would pay off practically all of America’s $1.6 trillion in student debt and make state college “free.” He’d attempt to pay for it by taxing stock and bond trades.

This would be a stunningly bad idea, primarily because it would be a handout to relatively wealthy Americans. But Warren and Sanders would also continue a system that doesn’t align students and their degrees with the labor market, and would turn an indoctrination factory largely paid for by taxpayers into one entirely paid for by taxpayers.

Into the fray, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander—the former education secretary for George H.W. Bush and former president of the University of Tennessee system—is walking out his plan to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. Alexander wouldsimplify Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), an assistance program for low-income students, and simplify repayment plan options—both laudable goals.

But Alexander would also swap a rule that looks at the income versus debt of colleges’ graduating students, which is ostensibly unfair to “for-profit” colleges, for a rule that looks at loan repayment rates (why not do both?). Alexander also wants to pull student loan payments directly out of paychecks, just like federal payroll taxes.

In other words, aside from giving Democrats ammo to lob at Republicans on the wage-garnishment idea, Alexander is intent on essentially preserving the status quo. In Alexander’s defense, he’s trying to create something that will pass in Washington. But the status quo is awful.

Scholars such as Heather MacDonald have done an excellent job of highlighting examples of the far-left bias that is prevalent among America’s higher education “institutions.” Conservative YouTube channels, meanwhile, are great at highlighting the perils of conservative speakers attempting to speak at this or that campus.

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