Why Aren’t we seeing more Covid-19 Outbreaks among NFL Teams?

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We’re seeing school districts across the country reopen only to shut back down after rashes of Covid-19 tests come back positive. Yet, at the same time, the NFL is in full swing with only a single positive test last week, throughout the entire league.


Well Daniel Horowitz explains that evidently, keeping the NFL playing is more important than keeping little Johnny and Janey in school. And it all comes down to false positives due to hyper-sensitivity of the coronavirus swap test and laboratory contamination. I did a Podcast on this very topic at the beginning of this month. You may view it here.

from Daniel Horowitz at the Blaze:

NFL rejects COVID testing regimen that picks up low viral loads. When can we do the same?

Science for me, but not for thee

We’ve seen this happen throughout the country. One college kid comes down with the sniffles or milder respiratory infection symptoms than what typically goes around the dormitory during a change in weather. The school immediately tests everyone in the school and discovers an “outbreak” of asymptomatic infections. Then they either shut down the institution or turn all the students into jail inmates. However, there is a group of VIPs who get to live by authentic science: the players of the National Football League. Too bad we don’t have top-notch doctors advocating for our children in the same way.

Last month, a bombshell New York Times report showed that as many as 90% of the positive results in some states are infections in name only because they don’t contain enough viral load to make someone sick or infect anyone. The threshold of amplification in these testing labs is evidently set so high – what is called 40 “cycle thresholds” – that they are detecting what are, for all practical purposes, false positives. This would explain why we are seeing a constant panic of record “cases” in certain institutions and parts of the country, but the hospitals are completely empty. Well, the NFL is now able to abide by the real science.

Why is it that we are not seeing the same level of disruption in professional football as we are seeing in the schools and colleges?

Yesterday, my former colleague Jordan Schachtel discovered an interview with the NFL’s chief medical examiner from a month ago that provides us with the answer. In a conference call with the media on August 24, several days before the New York Times had us even discussing a “cycle threshold,” Dr. Allen Sills, the chief medical examiner for the NFL, was onto the fraud of hyper-amplification and was taking action to rectify the problems this process causes for his institution.

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