Who’s behind the Ingraham Boycott

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from The Blaze:

Ingraham’s advertisers continue to bail — but the real story is who’s actually behind the boycott

More than a dozen companies have pulled their ads from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show in the wake of controversy over a story she tweeted last week about David Hogg, the prominent gun control advocate from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Though it was Hogg who initiated the boycott, the real story is the organization that orchestrated and fueled the boycott to the level it’s at today.

Who’s really behind it?

As with past Fox News advertiser boycotts, far-left media watchdog Media Matters — which was founded by longtime Clinton ally David Brock and is funded in part by George Soros — orchestrated the boycott and used the far-left’s grassroots to apply pressure on companies whose ads appear during Ingraham’s weekday program.

Last Thursday, Media Matters published an article detailing which companies advertised on Ingraham’s show between March 19 and March 28, in addition to how many times an ad for each company appeared.

For example, Media Matters includes Liberty Mutual and Bayer — a pharmaceutical company — at the top of the list because those companies showed ads seven times on Ingraham’s show during the prescribed time period.

The list has also been updated to include statements from companies that have either removed their ads from Ingraham’s program or distanced themselves from her.

Thanks to Media Matters’ work — which Hogg proudly directed his followers to — the far-left was able to apply enough pressure to force more than a dozen Ingraham sponsors to abandon her show for the apparent moral high ground.

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