What are the Residents of Baltimore Supposed to Do

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by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Well, I think I have a solution – one that both conservatives and leftists, Republicans and Democrats, could embrace.

But first – a logic chain of sorts.

It seems the crime rate in the Northern Triangle of Central America – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, is falling. Yep – it’s actually decreasing. Is this due to the efforts of their local and national governments? Well maybe – but I doubt it.

Could it instead be that as hundreds of thousands of innocent people flee the violence in these three countries, it would leave behind just the criminals?

Is that it – that all the good, law-abiding citizens are fleeing so the criminals have fewer victims to prey on? This is what we’re told – is it not? That all these innocent families are showing up at our border, requesting asylum to escape the violence.

But a predator is still a predator. And a criminal will always find another target. It’s not like the criminal element in these Central American cities are all just sitting around saying: “Well, all the innocent victims are leaving. We have no one left to shoot or rob – I guess we’ll just go legit and get a job.”

No, that’s not what’s happening. I have another theory.

For a couple of years now, President Trump and federal law enforcement have been insisting that a portion of the illegals storming our Southern border are not the innocent waifs the leftist media make them out to be. As Trump said, some of them are really bad people.

Could it be, as the President claimed long ago, that these countries are exporting their “bad element,” their criminals, to the U.S.?

It would seem that when the criminals exit an area, logically, there will be less crime. Thus the drop in these countries’ crime rates.

Now Baltimore has been all over the news lately – spotlighting its filth problem, its overwhelming 10 to 1 rat to human ratio, and certainly its well-publicized number one per capita murder rate.

So with all these afflictions, it would seem logical that many residents of Baltimore just want to escape the violence and plight.

Maybe the citizens of Baltimore can take a page from those who have successfully “migrated” from other dangerous “hot zones,” like Central America.

Maybe the residents of Baltimore, the filthy, rat infested, murder capital, should all pack up, pick up and just get out. They could form caravans of actual migrants, hit the road and march to the wildly affluent suburbs of Washington D.C. to seek asylum – naturally with reporters from CNN in tow. Maybe they migrate to Georgetown, Fairfax County, Arlington County or Loudoun County.

And it would easy. They would only have to walk about 60 to 100 miles – not the 1500 or more from Central America.

And surely the generous leftists who live in these posh, upscale, gated neighborhoods would never think of turning away these asylum seekers. Surely the beltway libs would welcome them. After all, it is the left who preach that all those who escape such conditions from around the world are welcome in our country.

Or better yet, the city leaders of Baltimore, like the Central American nations, could decide that rather than losing their citizenry, they could simply export their “criminal element” to these upscale D.C. neighborhoods.

Wasn’t it House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who defended the violent gang, MS-13, by saying we have to recognize that “spark of divinity within every person.”

I wonder how many Baltimore “sparks of divinity” Nancy can accommodate in her luxury waterfront home in Georgetown?


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