Well UAW – You didn’t actually think the Biden Admin. would Fight for you? Did You?

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by: Brent Smith

Well, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. And I’ll bet you dollars to donuts (h/t: Marine Maj. Gen. Ronald Nelson- and my old wrestling coach) this won’t be the last organization to likely regret their decision.

But we said before the election, that you deserve who you vote for.  And the UAW got who they voted for.

But this is hardly a surprise. Democrats routinely do this to their constituents. They either make them promises like, “vote for us and you’ll all get a $2000 check,” or, vote for Biden and no one making under $400k will get a tax increase. Or they just stay quiet and allow the voters to assume the dems will look out for the folks.

Then after they’ve used you voters for … well … your precious vote, they toss you aside and do what they planned to all along. And the voters who can’t see their lies by now, do deserve what they got.

And members of the UAW are finding this out. Congratulations!

from RedState:

United Auto Workers Endorsed Biden, Then This Happened

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
While former President Donald Trump did manage to make inroads among private-sector unions in ways previous Republicans had not, Joe Biden still racked up the lion’s share of endorsements. That was expected given the lock-step in which most union leadership operate when it comes to supporting Democrat candidates.One of those unions that didn’t cross lines in 2020 was the United Auto Workers. They went all-out for the current White House resident, and now, they are paying the price. Yesterday, news broke that Ford is moving a nearly billion-dollar investment to Mexico, a move that had been fought off during the Trump years.

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