We Must Resist Antifa’s Propaganda

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On Sunday, a relatively small group of white nationalists, under the banner of “Unite the Right,” chose to make an ostentatious celebration of the anniversary of their rally in Charlottesville — the one in which one of their number killed a counterprotester with his car. This time, they protested directly in front of the White House.

Naturally, this attracted a significantly larger counterprotest, filled mostly with goodwill opponents of their racist ideology. But the hooligan-like behavior of some in the crowd, who threw eggs and water bottles and shot fireworks at journalists and the police, served as a reminder that the Hitler Junior crowd, odious as they are, are a much smaller and less threatening gang than the so-called “antifa,” that mob of militant leftists known for their political street violence.

Fortunately, their uncivil antics were kept far milder than usual, in spite of their own best efforts to provoke a police confrontation. But bear in mind that both their numbers and their reach are far and away greater than anything the pathetic nationalists could ever muster. Their reach is also truly national.

Unlike the crowd that appeared last year in Charlottesville to universal condemnation, these rioters, with their cop-killer rhetoric and their skull-cracking, window-smashing tactics of political persuasion, now hold sway over many weak-minded politicians who sympathize with, collaborate with, or fear them too much to resist.

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