Wasn’t John Boehner Just the Greatest

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Over the weekend Yahoo Finance ran a Business Insider piece fawning over now former Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Right off the bat, you have to know where this is going. Yahoo News is a left wing website. Therefore anything they post or allow to be posted will be decidedly left of center – far left.

The Insider quoted some of Boehner’s present and former colleagues. One of which was former Iowa Congressman Tom Latham who said, “He saw a more relaxed Boehner than perhaps ever before. A Boehner who looked like he had nothing left to do.”
“It seemed like,” Latham told Business Insider recently, “he had accomplished everything he had wanted to accomplish.”

Well ain’t that the truth. He accomplished virtually everything on the democrat agenda, while sticking a finger in the eye of those he despised most – the conservatives in his own party. His parting shot of f-you to conservatives was the passage of the new two year budget, which allows the government to deficit spend as much as it wishes, with no restraint – no spending cap – no debt ceiling. Due to this budget, we can expect the debt to easily pass $20 trillion in short order.

In my opinion, this was one of the main reasons Johnny stayed until now. He and others, by their action, have demonstrated they care nothing about the country going forward. Boehner, with the help of democrats, did this out of spite toward conservatives, as if to say, “oh yeah – you want me out – I’ll show you – take this!” It also takes some heat off of incoming establishment Speaker Paul Ryan. Now Ryan won’t have to concern himself with any pesky budget negotiations for two years. You know – the actual job of the House.

Boehner was just a politician, like most in Washington. To them, it’s not about public service. It’s an exclusive club, cloistered from the rest of the country, where they concern themselves only with power and process. Servicing the nation and their own constituents is but an afterthought, that they must feign every couple of years.

John Boehner :: Jameson

“Boehner was a rare Republican who understood that certain things had to get done, compromise was needed to reach it, and Democrats could end up helping him accomplish what he needed,” a Senate Democratic aide told Business Insider. “He and the Democratic leaders gained a comfortability with each other’s personalities and styles, which was helpful in negotiation.”

What must have been most helpful was the fact that the dems never had to negotiate. Is that why they were comfortable with little Johnny? To establishment republicans like Boehner, it truly was about compromise and crossing the aisle. It was (and still is) a badge of honor that they can do so. As if it takes some special talent to cave in just such a way. Of course the left isn’t required to do the same. That however is never mentioned.

But, the article claims – Boehner could be tough too. One example of his machismo was, “The squabbling over the ‘fiscal cliff’ that led Boehner to tell then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to ‘go f— yourself,’ over the 16-day, federal-government shutdown in 2013 that badly damaged the party’s standing with American voters.”

First – I thought the shutdown was the fault of Ted Cruz? Isn’t that what everyone said at the time? And second (broken record alert), the shutdown was so damaging that republicans won the Senate and swept through the States like wildfire.

Boehner was full of fire and brimstone when he knew it would have no effect, like most spineless politicians. All talk – no action.

Establishment darling Michael Steel, former Boehner press secretary (he now works for Jeb Bush), said that Boehner hated back room deals. Steel said, “his favorite Boehner moment came in 2010, before he was speaker, when he memorably railed against the Affordable Care Act on the House floor. “Can you say it was done openly? With transparency and accountability? Without backroom deals struck behind closed doors hidden from the people? Hell no you can’t!” he thundered. “Have you read the bill? Have you read the reconciliation bill? Have you read the manager’s amendment? Hell no you haven’t!”

This, from the king of the backroom deals.

So what happened to Boehner? Was he always this way, or like most, just became a creature of Washington? Did becoming Speaker require having a spinectomy? Or is he like most republicans these days – all bluster and no backbone. He can talk a great game. Just don’t ask him to back it up.

I guess it doesn’t much matter now. Good riddance to John Boehner. We’ll probably be saying the same things about Ryan in a few years.