Warren may be Giving Trump a Means to Increase his Minority Support

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from Human Events: 

Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats Choose Teacher Unions over Black Families

Republicans can win over black voters by supporting charter schools

Recently, Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan to revitalize America’s K-12 education system. The problem? Her proposal replicates the exact policy model that precipitated American education’s historical decline.

It begins pretty simply: boost local education by funneling billions of dollars of funding from the federal level to states. The added kicker, however, is that Warren proposes to eliminate the Federal Charter School Program—a program created to incentivize new charter schools and support high-performance schools already in existence.

Warren’s proposal reflects the ever-widening disconnect between the Democratic Party and its crucial African American voting base. The data is irrefutable: black voters have consistently shown support for alternatives to public schools for over the past two decades. And this makes sense, given how failing public schools disproportionately affect minority communities.

As a graduate of Inglewood High School, in Southern California, I’ve experienced this first hand. Thankfully, my little sister didn’t have to attend the high school I did; a charter school opened up around the block. If Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats have their way, however, the same option will not exist in the future for families concerned about their child’s education.

Even with a solid track record of support among minorities, the charter school movement has never received much love from Democrats. This unwillingness to support alternative schooling can be attributed to the usual culprits: powerful Washington lobbies.

The dearth of support for parental choice at the national level is the result of lobbying by the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). These, the two public sector teachers’ unions, have been long-standing opponents of standards and accountability measures that ensure tenured teachers are doing their jobs in the classroom. They staunchly opposed many of the reforms proposed by Obama when he threw his support behind Common Core and appointed Education Department Secretaries who were widely perceived as ‘reformists.’ Obama’s cautious reform efforts were the only time in recent history when national Democrats attempted to counter the NEA/AFT coalition.

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