Video Podcast – The Shutdown – The Reality of Immigration – Democrat Infighting

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by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

The dreaded government shutdown is upon us. Anyone notice? Not yet at least. But is the shutdown, that we well know is a mere slowdown, a real problem? Is it real or just imaginary? Is the angst everyone claims to be feeling over the shutdown psychosomatic – just a Pavlovian response?

Leftists in France are finding out first hand, the joys of being overrun with refugees and immigrants. Their quest for a truly diverse society that they so often claim to want is backfiring. The French are finding it difficult for their children to obtain a decent education, due to the sudden diverse nature of their schools.

The democrats may not have as easy a time in the mid-term elections as is being promoted by the left. Caustic infighting among the Hillary/Bernie factions continues to fracture the party. And it appears as if they will be hard-pressed to find common ground before November. Coupled with their hopeless lack of fundraising and it may be a recipe for disaster.

2 comments on “Video Podcast – The Shutdown – The Reality of Immigration – Democrat Infighting

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  2. These United States of America, one of the youngest and yet longest run by a nation founded by freedom loving dedicated, highly intelligent men who actually put together our founding document the Constitution designed to create a form of self governing citizens instilled with three overriding concepts in perpetuity; a elected representative republic, (designed to protect minority from majority over reach) freedom of the individual, pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for all its citizens. From the founding the major glue that made our Nation stand before the world was actually living its motto “out of many one”. From this came the term “melting pot” where as a nation all newly arrived “legal immigrants” dedicated their efforts to learn our language and our laws to become proud citizens, Over the past 60 years or so the cherished melting pot has slowly lost its magic to meld all new comers into dedicated and productive citizens. English only in our education institutions no longer exists. Many state and federal laws are now printed in multiple languages. Numerous ethnic groups are now demonstrating their foreign nations heritage while seeming to ignore those of their adopted land of the free and home of the brave. Now even the National Democrat party is standing with the “illegals” who totally ignore our Immigration laws, illegally cross our borders at will then and with the Democratic Party demand all rights and privileges enjoyed by all legal and eligible citizens. There are many “illegals” who have received law degrees from many of our universities and or using our nations laws to eventually confer US citizenship on these law beakers. Its a basic fact of “nature”; a nation without borders is a nation on the downward spiral to oblivion. Our professional two party system has by their thirst for absolute power over “We the People” have turned the now defined seat of our Federal Government, “the DC Swamp” into a current and full throat-ed “Tower of Babble”. The ultimate force driving this looming self destruction is the incestuous greed that beats within the heart of the majority within the “DC Swamp”. Our Constitutionally elected President Donald J. Trump just like every man woman jack among us each have their own bumps and warts, the only perfect person in recorded history was a man named Jesus who single handed defied the “money changers” plying their trade in the House of God. That defiant act sealed his fate with the “Temple Corrupt”; his own people turned on him and assisted the Roman Empire to falsely try and convict him for treason against the state which ended in his execution on a Roman Cross. The similarity of events surrounding President Donald J. Trump are striking. The uninformed led by the entrenched politicians of of both parties within the “DC Swamp” and the enabling main stream media are like the Temple Priest and the Roman occupiers. My message to one and all; especially those who embrace the destructive power of “political correctness” careful what you wish for in today’s world turned inside out, you may well get your wish! lee1233

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