Video Podcast – Lower Courts are Lawless on Illegal Immigration

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by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

For years, I and others have been railing at the courts for consistently overstepping their constitutional authority on any number of issues. It’s the reason we conservatives insist that we don’t need anymore frickin laws. I mean, what’s the difference how many laws Congress passes, if the courts aren’t going to follow them anyway. They don’t follow the old laws. Why would they follow any new ones?

David Horowitz wrote that, “The far-Left Democrats are trying to build momentum to abolish ICE and all enforcement of our sovereignty. Politically, it would take them 100 years to accomplish this goal, if ever. But the lower courts are doing it for them overnight with no pushback from the other branches of government.”

I discuss how and why this happens at that the only to solve it is for the two branches to pushback and nullify the lower courts rulings, injunctions, etc.

One comment on “Video Podcast – Lower Courts are Lawless on Illegal Immigration

  1. The federal courts are sworn to support and defend the Constitution. Then it begins to get interesting for if anyone, then only the State legislatures, are empowered to define the true meaning of the Constitution–for only they may change it. It might (and would) be argued this was “forever changed” by ther Cvil War. That argument is easily countered by the observation that in a constitutional republic any determination made by force of arms has never been decided at all. Regardless of the opinions of various federal jurists it would seem that Article V of the Constitution as well as Amendments VII, IX, and X remain in the Consitution and remain in full force. The Supreme Court may force compliance by all lower courts or failing that the Congressw may simply remove judicial authority.

    Would either of these actions be difficult to accompl;ish politically? of course both would be, however the prevention of a second civil war might make it worthwhile.

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