Video Podcast – COVID Shutdowns vs Government Shutdowns

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by: Brent Smith

38 major retailers and restaurant chains have either filed for bankruptcy or liquidated all together.

And then there’s the little guys.

As of August 31st, Yelp reported that the number had ballooned to 163,735.

But as staggering as that figure is, it pales in comparison to the numbers compiled by the Hamilton Project. They assert that as of only June, the number was actually around 400,000.

The bottom line is that millions of “retail” employees just lost their jobs forever.

Yet interestingly, these same dictator want-to-bes just don’t seem too upset about it.

Now let’s juxtapose this real-world tragedy with a fake one, called the last government shutdown.

It lasted a whopping 37 days. Big frickin deal!!

But to go back and watch the dems, you’d think the world was about to end.

When the private sector suffers it’s apparently no big deal. When government shuts down, it’s the apocalypse.

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