Very Few Mass Shooters are White Nationalists

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by: Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

And frankly, very few mass-shooters are even white.

Still, leftist media outlets are happy to speak of the number of mass shootings in America. And they are particularly happy to speak, in detail, of mass shootings they can pin on white nationalists, or frankly any white shooter.

And why? Well, two reasons. Their hatred of guns and their disdain for President Trump.

Most will be shocked to hear that in 2019, the number of mass shootings already ranges from 200 to 255 nationwide. According to HuffPost, “the grim tally now stands at 255.” I won’t dispute the accuracy of this claim here.

Let’s just say the tally is correct. And to the letter of the definition, it probably is. Technically, a mass shooting is defined as an incident in where four or more people are shot – not killed necessarily – just shot.

So if a gang member shoots four rival members, is that mass-shooting? Technically it is, but it’s not what the average American would describe when asked to define one.

And this is exactly what the left counts on when they throw out this number. They count on that the public never thinks in terms of technicalities – only of perception. And in order to advance more stringent gun control, the left banks on this separation between reality and perception. For reality is based in logic; whereas perception, where the left resides, is all about emotion.

HuffPost highlights the “three deadliest mass-shootings of 2019”: El Paso, Virginia Beach and Dayton. All the shooters were white.

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