Unions Sour On Green Aganda

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In a colossal “See, We Told You So”, it seems even Unions are souring on The Obama “Green” agenda. The shame of it is that probably 90% of them voted for their own potential demise by voting for Obama.

from IBD:

Well, well. Another big union has publicly declared that its members are the real front-line victims of the Obama administration’s war on domestic energy production.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers came out with guns blazing this week against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

In a press release, it warns what we’ve been saying about these economically masochistic carbon emission regulations from the start: “They will kill more than 150,000 good jobs while having a minimal effect on global greenhouse emissions.”

Their words, not ours — and driven home time and again in IBEW testimony at EPA field hearings in opposition to the new regulations.

“America needs an energy plan that balances the environment, the economy and jobs,” said the union’s president, Edwin Hill. “But the EPA’s poorly thought-out rule will do nothing but kill vital jobs and threaten the reliability of the electrical grid, hurting customers and businesses.”

The union also took a well-aimed shot at the green energy fad that has Democrats and their rich green donors so enraptured.

“Despite the growth of renewable energy in the last decade, solar and wind still provide less than 5% of the country’s electricity,” the electrical workers union press release stresses.

“Shutting down dozens of coal plants in a short amount of time makes it difficult for utilities to keep the power on during bouts of extreme weather, like last winter’s polar vortex system, which produced sustained periods of frigid temperatures.”

A gutsy statement — and right on.

The IBEW has now joined the United Mine Workers of America, the Boilermakers and several other unions opposed to the new anti-carbon rules.

IBEW says the Obama administration has consistently underestimated the cost of “climate legislation” while green energy advocates routinely lowball the economic costs.

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