U.N. Says Your Air Conditioners are not Safe

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from CFACT:

Montreal mission creep: The UN’s coming for your AC

It is called mission creep when a government operation tries to go beyond its established mission. In this case the operation is the UN led, Montreal Treaty group of nations. Their mission has always been far out and questionable, namely protecting the stratospheric ozone layer from human interference. Now they want to do their bit in the bogus war on climate change.

Through the 1987 Montreal Protocol, the Greens clamored for the adoption of refrigerant HFC’s, or hydrofluorocarbons, to replace older refrigerant chemicals (CFC’s) that were said to be punching a hole in the ozone layer. Today, HFC’s, the same chemical the Greens were in love with, is now claimed to be causing – you guessed it – global warming.

It is especially nasty when the government flips, saying that the fix that was right (and expensive) is now wrong (and much more expensive to refix), but it keeps them busy (and powerful).

The Greens want to replace HFC’s with HFO’s (hydrofluoro-olefins) in air conditioners, refrigerators, cars, and much more.

HFC’s are currently selling for around $7 per pound, while the most common HFO is selling for over $70 per pound. If companies want to start incorporating HFO’s into their appliances, they are completely free to do so. But the American public should not have it forced down their throat by the UN bureaucracy.

Here is the bad deal.

The Montreal Protocol is a 30 year old international treaty aimed at phasing out the use of certain chemicals, known as CFC’s. These were widely used in important things like refrigeration and air conditioning, where they did a great job. CFC’s became the subject of a big green scare, based on the speculation that their release was creating a hole in the ozone layer, so they had to go. They were gradually replaced, at great expense, by chemicals called HFC’s.

Now we have the bogus global warming scare. It happens that HFC’s are greenhouse gases, so the Greens say that they now have to go. This is via something called in UN-speak the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

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