Turns Out Gorsuch is Just Another Black-Robed Legislator

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from the American Thinker:

Et tu, Gorsuch?

Et tu, Gorsuch?  A little over three years into a lifetime appointment, and he’s already speaking for Justice Ginsburg when it comes to matters of transsexualism and forgotten all about Justice Scalia’s textualism.

No matter how hard we try, our “conservative” judges belly-flop into “strict constructionist” poseurs and weak-kneed judicial activists faster than Chief Justice Roberts can rewrite Obamacare into a tax.  I mean, you try to keep these “originalist” jurists on a philosophically sound path.  You teach them “right” from “wrong.”  You instill in them a respect for the law and the importance of always telling the truth.  You can’t be with them all the time, though.  You know they’re being tempted by strange leftists to rule by emotion and always let the “ends justify the means,” but you tell yourself, “we can count on a judge described by many as Justice Scalia’s natural successor, right?”  Right?

Gorsuch portrayed himself as a textualist stalwart who understood the great societal costs of abdicating judicial restraint for willy-nilly lawmaking out of thin air.  He promised to serve as a sound, objective, and impartial justice for an out-of-control Judicial Branch that has replaced “the law” with “the decree.”  All his friends said he was a man of principle.  Conservatives smiled with pride.  Those he was meant to serve gladly gave him their trust.  And then, bam!  Gorsuch’s promises to apply the law as written failed even to outlive Justice Ginsburg.

It turns out he’s been living a double life, inhaling the toxic postmodern rhetoric in his private chambers while nobody was looking and scratching that lawless, self-centered, inexcusable deconstructionist itch this whole time.  So Gorsuch has come out of the closet, it seems, wearing nothing but his feelings and a smile.  He’s a legislator now, not a judge, and like all American legislators, he plans to follow the fickle demands of the mob before making up his mind, and the law, as he goes.  Another “conservative” intellectual performs a self-lobotomy in order to think and sound like Earl Warren and William Brennan on a David Souter morphine pump.  For shame!

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