Trump’s Seeming Incomprehension of State Primaries is a Big Red Flag

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Why are the Trumpists so angry at Cruz? In fact, doesn’t it seem like they are always angry at something or someone? It’s true. It’s either “lyin’ Ted,” the Washington insiders, the press, which is bit surprising considering how much free air time he is given, or whatever. It almost appears Svengali Trump has figured out that he must continually invent new villains to keep his followers amped up. This reminds me a bit of the leaders of the hard left, who must keep some form of “The Man” in perpetuity, holding down the oppressed democrat faithful, who are then told they must “struggle” against.

After Ted’s sweep of Colorado, Trump and his drones began screeching that Cruz has cheated and stole the state’s delegates. Now he is not just lyin’ Ted, but also cheatin’ Ted. As if Cruz and his people snuck in under cover of darkness, swung a gold pocket watch in front of the delegates and told them, “when I snap my fingers you will all commit to me.”

The Trump campaign, such that it is, may not like how Colorado set things up – heck I think it is stupid too, but it’s not the state – it’s the Republican State Committee – it’s the party – a private entity who set it up and they are perfectly within their rights to do so.

Yet the Colorado rules were set up and publicly available in August, 2015 – 7 months ago – before the Trump campaign took off. In other words, Colorado could not have set up their delegate system as some sort of anti-Trump offensive.

Donald_Trump_critical_of_Colorado_delega_0_35989112_ver1.0_640_480Both the Trump and Cruz campaigns have had 7 months to understand the rules and plan accordingly. The Cruz people, with their demonstrably superior ground game, were obviously prepared – showing forethought, planning and execution, which sure seem like good traits for a president. But it was like The Donald and his rag-tag bunch were blindsided. This should be a lesson to us all. Is this the man we want running the country – one who appears, at least in this arena, to not possess these same traits.

Trump brags about how he’s been intelligent enough to use the country’s bankruptcy laws to his advantage. He also boasts about how he takes advantage of the political system of donations to various candidates in order to purchase influence. He says it’s all perfectly legal, which it is. He understands these systems others have devised and is able to work within them to get things done. Is this not what he claims to have been doing for years? Yet he and his people appear utterly lost regarding the eccentricities of individual State rules.

To me, this is a potentially ominous red flag regarding how Trump may govern. The Constitution is clear as a bell regarding the power of the federal government. Its power is limited to that which is expressed in the document. All other authority is extended to the States and the people. If Trump has ever read the Constitution or the Declaration, which I doubt, he would surely know this. Like elections, 50 States could mean 50 different sets of rules, for virtually everything.

This concept may not sit well with president Trump and his Cabinet full of Lewandowskis. President Trump may not like all that inconsistent individuality. As CEO of Trump Inc., he has probably gotten used to being the end-all decision maker – a top-down authoritarian, if you will. In business, this can work fine, but it is anathema to our nationalist/federalist system of governance, where the president is supposed follow the rules, not make them. It would be a rather radical departure from what he has known and how he has run his company.

This is but one reason a president Trump may be at least as dangerous as a president Clinton.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

5 comments on “Trump’s Seeming Incomprehension of State Primaries is a Big Red Flag

  1. Trump was aware of the rules and process in the states. The RNC made sure every campaign had that info. Did he bother to read it? Probably not because he figured he’d swoop in riding a tsunami like some superhero and be anointed. Then things didn’t go as planned and he failed to “sweep” Iowa or anywhere else. In fact he lost some states. That wasn’t supposed to happen…it had never happened in his fantasies.

    So he reverted to his default spoiled little rich bully and whiner and played victim. His cultists loved it and even more were drawn into the event horizon of this black hole where thought is not allowed.

    He now realizes he may have to actually have a real fight with a real man on his hands for perhaps the first time in his life so he has to get in all the digs he can and with his cultists, lies work as well as truth. In fact, lies seem to work even better than truth because the truth is–DJ Trump is wholly unprepared and unsuitable in every way to hold the most powerful political position in the world–POTUS.

    He will do what the unindicted career criminal does multiplied by the unpredictability of having a person who is only in it for himself–as she is–but he has no ideological grounding at all. She does though it’s toxic but predictable and all elected GOP who may survive this mess still in office will fight her as they would not fight him.

      • That I think the red flag isn’t that he didn’t know. It’s that he knew about them, had them and didn’t care. His Narcissistic Personality Disorder combined with his sense of entitlement and his laziness regarding details and his complete lack of knowledge and curiosity on all pertinent issues and responsibilities (I agree he’s likely never read the Constitution–too busy reading Hitler’s speeches) makes him not just a wrong choice but a very dangerous choice. For me, all of that is even worse.

        A conservative comedian in a moment of seriousness said of Trump, “He’s not one of us. He’s one of him.” Trump is for Trump. That is his ideology.

        I’ve gathered bits and hunks of information about him together into a frightening picture. He is nearly a photo negative of Obama except Obama at least took the time to work the full process to his advantage. There may be one small thing Obama has said or done over the last 7 years (and even before) with which I don’t disagree but he’s at least predictable which is why my anger at the GOP-e for not even trying to stop him is white-hot. Trump has shown nothing but disdain for “process” but that is the essence of gov’t so he’s showing us he will do just as Obama has done except he’d be as predictable as a Jumping Bean.

        The whole world is teetering on the edge, poised to go over…or not, somewhat depending (IMO) on who our next president is. The world is in dire need of a stable, consistently strong American President willing to lead. It needs a POTUS with a clearly defined vision of a path through the mess, one who does not hesitate to name both our friends–and stand with them–and our enemies–and refuse to concede to them.

        Though Hillary (the unindicted career criminal) would be awful in so many ways, she is predictable. She has a toxic political ideology but she doesn’t deviate too far from it. She has made enemies of GOP her whole life (her “vast right wing conspiracy”) so I believe whatever GOP remain in office will block her leftist policies and picks as they would not Trump, who is a leftist by habit, but a raging narcissist primarily.

        That was the long answer. Here’s the short one. I could never vote for her. But absent some potentially cataclysmic change, I could not vote for Trump either. I won’t choose FOR evil in pants whether it’s a men’s suit or a women’s pantsuit…they are cut from the same “cloth”. If they are the choices, I’ll write in Cruz if I can or vote Libertarian (or other 3rd Party) or just vote in the down ticket races.

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