Trump Won’t Allow Iran’s Foreign Minister to Speak at the United Nations

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Yet another reason to like Trump.

And is it time again to broach the topic of getting the United Nations the hell out of the United States? It could be moved to Brussels, Belgium, and take up residence next door to the European Union Headquarters. Surely they would gladly welcome the Iranian Foreign Minister to spew his propaganda against the U.S. for as long as he wishes.

And when they’ve all packed up at moved out of New York City, Mayor de Blasio could then turn the U.N. building into a homeless shelter.

from the Federalist:

The Trump Administration Is Right To Block Iran’s Foreign Minister From Addressing UN

The Trump Administration Is Right To Block Iran’s Foreign Minister From Addressing UN

Diplomat Extraordinaire John Kerry Speaks With Hossein Fereydoun And Javad Zarif

According to recent reports, the United States has denied a visa to Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif, thus preventing him from addressing the United Nations in New York later this week. Despite the inevitable hyperbolic reactions we are likely to witness among the press, it is our port of entry, and the United States has every right to deny admittance to any individual for a host of reasons.

The Trump Administration was correct in thwarting Zarif’s propagandized pity tour. In fact, merely hours after Qassam Soleimani’s death, the Iranian regime was already lobbying the UN to condemn the targeted killing of the Quds Force leader, referring to the action as an “assassination” and “gross violation” of international law, while alleging that Trump’s economic sanctions against the regime amounted to “economic terrorism.”

Zarif is entirely a bad faith actor, and he should be treated as such. Though the 1947 UN “headquarters agreement” typically requires the United States to grant foreign diplomats access to the United Nations’ headquarters, Washington asserts that it is permitted to deny visas for “security, terrorism, and foreign policy” reasons. Given the Iranian regime’s newfound purpose for attending the meeting, Trump’s denial seems to fall within the ambit of foreign policy concerns, given that permitting Zarif to enter and disseminate Tehran’s false message arguably would amount to a softening of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

Those who challenge the merits of denying Zarif’s visa argue that the UN would provide a diplomatic forum for reducing the tensions now escalating between Iran and the United States. But this argument is divorced from the reality of why Zarif seeks to address the UN. Based on Iranian Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanhchi’s letter to the UN Security Council and to the UN’s Secretary-General, urging the UN Security Council to condemn Soleimani’s killing, Iran likely intended to utilize the large international forum, not for diplomatic purposes, but to disseminate Tehran’s highly propagandized narrative surrounding Soleimani’s killing.

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