Trump Says Troops on the Border – Not in Syria

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from Conservative Review:

Our border is a better place for our military than the Middle East

The purpose of the military begins with homeland security.

The U.S. - Mexico border

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Yesterday, the president took us one step closer to reorienting our national security priorities by announcing his intention both to withdraw our troops from Syria in the near future and send National Guard troops to our own border. Isn’t it time to guard our sovereignty rather than the “sovereignty” of Islamic tribal factions in nation-states that no longer exist?

A much stronger case for using our military on our own border than in Syria

If you declare at a policy meeting in Washington that we must keep troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria indefinitely, nobody will bat an eyelash. Nobody will ask what our security interest is, how we can referee an untenable tribal and Sunni-Shiite Islamic civil war, or what the end game is. Quite the contrary: You would be considered smart for expressing such an opinion. However, were the same person to express support for using our military on our border and to create a buffer zone against the Mexican drug cartels, somehow you would be looked at as a lunatic. “Can you even use your military for such a thing?” they would ask?

Trump’s moves to call up the National Guard to help patrol the border and to use defense funding for a border wall have been met with wild-eyed skepticism by the political class. But it’s pure common sense and a more legitimate constitutional and prudential use of our national security assets than our urban renewal projects in Islamic civil war combat zones, which get our soldiers killed for nothing. National security and the purpose of the military begins with homeland security, even if it doesn’t end there. Hasn’t the time come to treat the drug-smuggling and downright human invasion crisis from our border like the national security threat that it is?

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