Trump is Now an Ethnic Cleanser!

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by: Brent Smith

Let’s just assume this Yale professor is correct and somehow president Trump is really this evil genius that the left makes him out to be. And let’s assume he is in fact “using” the coronavirus as an “ethnic cleansing” tool. By any measure then, it would make Trump the WORST evil genius and the WORST and most incompetent ethnic cleanser in history!

Sheesh! He can’t even get that right, as the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths, that were actually Covid-19 deaths, are old white people.

It just goes to show that one can earn a doctorate in history, become a professor at Yale University and still be a leftist moron. Go figure.

from Campus Reform:

‘#TrumpGenocide’: Yale prof claims coronavirus is ‘ethnic cleansing’

A Yale professor accused President Donald Trump of killing Americans by his alleged inaction on the coronavirus.

Snyder used hashtags like “#TrumpGenocide” and “#TrumpKilledAmericans” to accompany his tweets.

A professor at Yale University made the claim claimed that “#TrumpKilledAmericans” and that coronavirus is a “lazy man’s ethnic cleansing.”

Timothy Snyder, a Yale history professor, took to Twitter in early September to claim that COVID-19 is a “lazy man’s” ethnic cleansing.

In the Twitter thread, Snyder first tweeted, “Coronavirus in America: A lazy man’s ethnic cleansing #OurMalady #TrumpGenocide #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #TrumpKilledAmericans Kushner’s team: “because the virus had hit blue states hardest, a national plan was unnecessary and would not make sense politically.”


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