Time to Rise up Against State Taxes

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by Brent Smith:

They can’t have it both ways, both so far State Governors and legislators have just that.

They shutter entire States, knowing the feds will fit the bill for their reckless behavior.

Just one example is leftist New Jersey.

On March 21, Gov. Phil Murphy ordered residents to stay at home. He also canceled gatherings of any number, including parties, weddings and religious ceremonies.

“We have to change our behaviors,” Murphy said, adding the restrictions would not change “anytime soon” and could continue for weeks or months.

Yet, as of yesterday, New Jersey State taxes are still due on April 15th, despite the federal government extending the filing deadline from April to July 15th.

It’s time for a State income, property and sales tax revolt.

from Conservative Review:

Horowitz: It’s time to make the state governments feel the pain and consequences of the disproportionate shutdown of America

California capitol

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg | Getty Images

At present, governors and mayors face no political downside to suspending democracy and the economy with overly draconian measures. They only face accolades and praise from the media commensurate to the degree of lockdown they promote, based on the faulty science that failed so miserably in Europe. It’s time to make them feel the pain of their decisions so that they are forced to pursue a more prudent and balanced approach to coronavirus.

So far, all the damage to our liberty and economy is being pushed by state and local governments, not the feds. On the other hand, all the bailouts and responsibility for dealing with the fallout of their virtue-signaling decisions are being placed on the president. Isn’t it time for state legislatures and county councils to convene and take full responsibility? If they are big enough to declare nuclear winter on liberty, jobs, and the economy, they are big enough to handle the blowback and pay for their decisions.

To that end, citizens should pressure their state officials to suspend numerous forms of state taxation during the duration of the shutdown. The longer the shutdown continues, the longer states should do without their revenue. Furthermore, President Trump should promise that the $150 billion that state governments received during the last epic spending bill will not be present in the next one that will inevitably pass in a few weeks.

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy posted on Facebook that Congress should suspend the recently implemented cap on state and local tax deductions (SALT) on the federal income tax form for this year. I certainly understand why he feels that way, but this proposal is extremely insidious. He wants to have it both ways – shut down the state completely and then have the federal government bail him out from his already astronomical property taxes that long predated this crisis.

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