They Want to Abolish Police – Let’s Give them What they Want

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by: Brent Smith

Are we living in bizarro opposite world or something. A world where the citizens of Columbus, Ohio can actually demand the abolition of police just for doing their job?

The officer who heroically shot the teen thug would appeared to be readying herself to stab another was amazing, having to assess the situation and then act decisively in only seconds.

And the ignorance of bystanders and others actually questioning the shooting, making asinine claims like, why he didn’t just shoot the knife or shoot a leg, etc. Obviously none of these morons have ever been in such a stressful situation, and no nothing of what they assert.

And now this. Students want to abolish the police. Well, in days gone by, I would say this is nuts and we should ignore them. But you know – I think it may be about time we acquiesce to their wish and give them what they want – no policing of any kind on their campus, as well as any neighborhoods they feel it’s unnecessary.  At this point it may be the only thing that can cure these fools of the plague of leftism.

Good Luck!!

from the Blaze:

Ohio State University students stage sit-in protest, demand school sever ties with Columbus police for shooting of knife-wielding teen

OSU students issue list of demands to school’s leadership

Students at Ohio State University staged a sit-in protest Wednesday over the fatal police shooting of a teen girl wielding a knife who attempted to stab two people. The protesters demanded that the university sever ties with the Columbus Division of Police, the Ohio law enforcement department whose officer shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant at the exact moment she lunged with a knife at another girl.

Several hundred protesters gathered at the Ohio Union, which serves as a student activity center and dining area for students of Ohio State University. Students held signs that called for the city of Columbus to abolish its police department, support for Black Lives Matter, another sign that demanded “CPD out of OSU,” and one that reads “ACAB,” an acronym for “All Cops Are Bastards.” The crowd of Ohio State students held a 16-minute moment of silence for Bryant.

A spokesperson for the university issued a statement on the protests: “Ohio State supports the right of our students, faculty and staff to peacefully express their views and to speak out about issues that are important to them. Freedom of speech and civic engagement are central to our values as an institution of higher education.

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