The Teacher’s Union is Bad News

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by Brent Smith

Public Unions are bad news. And the worst of them is the Public sector Teacher’s Union.

They are the definition of two wolves and and sheep deciding on what to have for dinner. One wolf is the government, the other is a government Union, and our kids are the sheep. The Public Sector negotiating with the Public Sector to decide the fate of private citizens. Sounds fair.

It’s always been this way, but never has it been more defined than it is today.

And The Federalist makes the point rather nicely.

from the Federalist:

COVID Isn’t A Threat To American Kids — Selfish Teachers, Their Unions, And Their Democrat Allies Are

COVID Isn’t A Threat To American Kids — Selfish Teachers, Their Unions, And Their Democrat Allies Are

For some reason we all feel the need to continue to tiptoe around one of the most awful, lazy, and selfish groups in America: left-wing public teachers unions and the teachers who support them.

It’s time we realize we are not “in this together.” Yes, we’ve heard that from Hollywood videos and Super Bowl ads, and from politicians and commercials, but unfortunately it just ain’t so.

When President Joe Biden made a rare public appearance for a CNN town hall in February, for example, Justin Belot, a teacher in his mid-30s, asked, “Why is it OK” to make him and his colleague go back to their classrooms and do their jobs?

Why should teachers have to work, the young man asked, when subjected to “large class sizes and outdated ventilation systems”? Should “all staff,” he wondered, be vaccinated before they were subjected to this treatment?

Don’t worry, the president soothed: Classes will be small, and the government will make sure you’re all protected from COVID-19. “Teachers and the folks who work in the school, the cafeteria worker and others,” he explained, “should be on the list of preferred to get a vaccination.”

Smart answer; threads the needle and all. If you’re, say, a bartender, however, or a hotel maid or desk clerk, or a bus or subway driver, a gas station attendant, a grocery store employee, a waiter or manager, a deliveryman, a farmer or rancher, a factory worker, carpenter, butcher, trucker, pilot, priest, police officer, EMT, cab driver, electrician, store clerk, barista, mechanic, plumber, stewardess, security guard, chef, or bank teller, you might be wondering why you’re at work.

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