The Survival of Hillary’s Candidacy Is Up to Obama

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh did a fairly lengthy segment regarding people calling and e-mailing him about Hillary Clinton. He began with: “Do any of you really, really think she’s not going to be the nominee? Come on, let’s get serious! There isn’t anybody else that’s gonna be the Democrat nominee.”

Limbaugh explained that there have been Washington insiders who have come out publicly one day saying Hillary doesn’t have a chance – and the following day, doing a 180, saying she’s the nominee. The implication is that these “insiders” received a “call” that night, causing the 180, if you catch my drift. And that’s perfectly reasonable. It’s the Clinton Crime family’s MO.

But still, the heat is on. The Clintons take money from everyone – and those who have “donated” to the Crime Family Foundation (hat tip, Rush), expect an ROI (Return on Investment). And of course that ROI must come in the form of influence and favors, those only a president can grant.

These foreign investors are purchasing futures, which they expect to collect, after their investments mature. And that maturation date is sometime after Hillary is inaugurated as the next president. Anything short of this will just not do.

On the flipside, the Clintons have happily been selling these naked futures for years. By “naked,” I mean promissory notes that they do not own. Yet these investors still expect a return and the only way to deliver on those futures is to win the election.

So Bill and Hillary must do everything they can to try and beat back anyone who comes forward to challenge her. Otherwise it may be curtains (literally) for them both.

Now there’s the big Democrat confab, officially called the Democrat National Committee Summer Meeting, where all the candidates are invited to make their case to the DNC. Of course we don’t really know who all will be there behind the scenes.

During her speech, Hillary did her best to reassure the DNC that all is well, as she said: “I’m building an organization in all 50 states with hundreds of thousands of volunteers who will help Democrats win races up and down the ticket, not just the presidential campaign.”

Yet I wonder who else may show up during the weekend. I wonder if someone like say… Valerie Jarrett, the shadow president, may fly in under the cover of darkness and offer Hillary a deal she “can’t refuse.”

It’s the opinion of many, me including, that the Obama’s, and Jarrett, can’t stand the Clinton’s and vice versa, and it’s my personal opinion that Obama does not want Hillary to follow him.

Therefore, it’s my opinion that Hillary’s candidacy going forward rests solely on Obama’s decision to stay out, or exert his authority. I don’t believe the Clintons run the show in D.C. any longer. I think it’s now Obama’s town, and what he, or Valerie Jarrett, says goes.

Obama is holding all the cards. If he, or Jarrett, tells Loretta Lynch to hand down a few indictments on Hillary, the game is over. If he publicly decides to support Uncle Joe Biden, it’s over. Of course it will never be reported that way, but trust me, if it happens, that’s how it will go down.

I don’t agree with Rush – that it’s Hillary by default. It may be, but I hold that it is entirely up to Obama, not the Clintons.