The Progressive Socialist State of California Pt 2

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Guest Post by John Velisek – USN (Ret.):

A supermajority of Progressive socialist Democrats in the legislature of California has led the citizens of the State to pay higher state taxes, higher fuel taxes, higher cost of living, faulty schools, prohibitive health care costs for many, and have succeeded in becoming one of the most unlivable states within our country. Coupled with projects such as a high-speed rail line to nowhere, which is already tripled in the budget with no end date, and a sanctuary state status that a plurality of Californians do not want, has plummeted much of the state into third world status.

The progressive elite, with the influx of illegal aliens they have created and have no wish to stop, cocooned in their gated communities, have wreaked havoc on the communities of the middle class. They spend money as if it is the states and not the citizens.
From an edicts passed down from on high regarding the usage of plastic bags, to a waiter facing a fine and imprisonment over a plastic straw – the policies of the elite in Sacramento have made our state and those in it the laughing stock of the country.

All this rather than working on policies to help the veterans and other homeless to stand on their feet or get the medical help they need to at least have the opportunity to prosper and move forward in the community and ignore the drug problem that leave needles in our streets.

The steps being taken by the Brown administration is directed to the failure of the middle class. The betters won’t care, they have the security and gated communities that they dwell in oblivious to the fact that the state is being demolished by those they bring in to be their nannies and gardeners on a pay scale no one else would work for. The consequences for the common working man in the state are inconsequential to them as they bask in the savings of cheap labor and guaranteed voters.

Small business owners are leaving the state in droves. No longer can they afford to be stuck between state law and federal law. The state tax revenue continues to go down because businesses are closing up shop and going elsewhere, or don’t get started because the start-ups can’t afford the hassle of meeting regulations that are onerous and defy common sense.

Even U.S. News and World Report have now shown California with the worst poverty rate in the country. Coupled with the highest energy and water costs in the country and the imposition of land use requirements dictated by the state legislature without and input from the affected citizens, the state once again appears to want to force the middle class out to make room for the progressives socialist immigration voting base.

Federal law is not on the side of California.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 gives Congress the authority to make the law to ensure the rules of Naturalization are uniform.

Article I Section 9 gives Congress the authority to make laws that prohibit persons of the Congress’s choosing from entering the country.

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states that federal laws made in the pursuance of the Constitution have supremacy and the state can not make laws contrary to those federal laws passed by Congress. This supremacy clause is what Obama used in 2012 that forced Arizona to submit to the federal law pertaining to immigration. Interesting that now that the progressive socialists have a foothold in California they neglect to remember this decision.

Article III Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution makes the sanctuary status of California illegal and the progressive socialists behind the flaunting of the law treasonous and subject to incarceration.

Center for American Progress Action Fund, a George Soros funded globalist leftist organization, has declared that, “the Dreamers are a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success. This memo was authored by none other than Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s former communications director. Pretty much says it all.

Part 3 of John’s series will posted next week.

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