The Progressive Agenda Is Ruining Our Children

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Kids get suspended from school all the time. Even the good ones find it happening to them from time to time. My son – a great student and a fine young man (if I do say), received an in-school suspension last year for sticking up for a friend. It happens.

There are many reasons for a child to be suspended. Most have to do with repeated bad behavior. However, more recently the amount of suspensions has been on the rise. And the age of those being suspended has gone from mostly unruly teenagers in high school, to middle school, to elementary.

The majority of these behavior problems are directly attributable to bad parenting – or simply a lack of parenting. And frankly this is, or should be, expected. Over the years the federal government through the Department of Education has been pushing parents to virtually relinquish all duties and responsibilities of raising their own children. The so-called educational experts have been spouting their progressive nonsense for decades, that they know far better than we how to properly raise our children. Was it not Hillary Clinton who wrote a book that “It Takes a Village,” to raise a child.

Parents are encouraged to drop their children off early and pick them up late. The kids are now being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at school. I wrote last year that children are becoming (purposely) conditioned that school, not home, is where the meals are. So much so that some students actually broke into a school in North Carolina because they wanted dinner. You may link to it here.

And so parents respond in kind and end up in a parenting partnership with the school. This is and has always been the design of Screen-Shot-2012-11-19-at-10.41.04-PM1the progressive movement – a grand collective.

But as we on the side of freedom have always said – the government only creates problems – they never solve them.

For years, educational “experts” and liberal politicians have been pushing for parents to give up their children to the state at ever-earlier ages. Most States have universal kindergarten and many now have universal pre-school. Kids as young as three and four are being dropped off at government indoctrination centers (schools) with little familial foundation. But unknowing parents believe this is the best path for their children, because the experts tell them so.

Yet without any early parental guidance, many of these little tikes don’t know how to properly comport themselves and so they end up being disciplined or worse – suspended.
And this is what we one the right mean by the government creating a problem.

The “experts” tell parents that in order for little Johnny and Janey to get ahead, they must begin a formal education earlier and earlier. They’ve created the problem of unruly children by encouraging adults to relinquish parenting duties to the State, when the State is obviously ill-equipped to do so – not to mention, it’s not their job. And when the children don’t react well to the environment, the “experts” punish them and give them back to the parents in the form of suspension. And here I thought the left was all about self-esteem. Imagine how a four year old feels being suspended from school.

Then of course there is the indoctrination aspect, which is really at the heart of the progressive educational system. Once in school, the doors are locked and the children can then be propagandized – propaganda which parents have no knowledge of ahead of time.

We’ve all heard accounts of the leftist agenda being force-fed to students – the Green Movement – Socialist theory and the latest craze – the radical LGBT crusade.

In Colorado, a four year old was recently suspended for two days from preschool because her parents caught wind that the school administration was teaching sex education and a curriculum that openly promotes homosexual behavior and transgenderism in the classroom. This is preschool! Four year old children should not be exposed to this crap! But, of course the “experts” know better.

Something must be done and the only way I see to combat this leftist creep is to abolish the Department of Education and get parents back in game using school choice as the catalyst. Let the parents decide what is best for their children.

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