The Newtown Massacre

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Tragedy struck in Newtown Connecticut Friday. Actually it wasn’t tragedy that struck, but a whacked out twenty year old young man.

It’s not to say that the situation is tragic, it is. As a parent, I can’t imagine what the parents and siblings of the little victims are going through. No parent should ever have to bury a child and certainly not like this.

I was in my office when I first heard the news. I didn’t feel sadness as much as anger. Inewtown-shooting recall feeling the same way when I heard of the movie theater shootings in Colorado, the Columbine massacre and even 9-11.

As the day progressed and the body count grew, we began to reflect on the unspeakable act. Toward the end of the day a few in my office and I discussed the situation.

The overall theme was of course sadness for the loss of life and the poor kids that will have to live with the memory.

The over-arching question was how could anyone do such a thing, why would they?

The easy and cowardly reactions of those like New York Mayor Bloomberg and countless others are both loathsome and all too typical. Blame the guns. Call for stricter gun controls. The president claimed now (the day of the shooting) was not the time for stricter action. (Update: The Columbine shootings occurred during the previous assault weapons ban. That did a lot of good).

With now a few days gone by, the president and virtually all left-leaning outlets are in fact out rightly calling for or intimating stricter gun control.

If we just take away the guns there will be no situations such as this and if we just took away all the hammers, no one would ever smash their thumbs and the world will be safe.

Normally, when someone commits murder I don’t care why he or she did it, just that they did. Let justice be served and hope they get what they deserve. However, as I told the folks in my office, there is a pattern forming and it needs to be examined.

Columbine, Colorado, Connecticut and others. What do these massacres have in common? shooterOver the past several years, relatively young men have perpetrated most if not all of these mass killings.

I contend these incidences are all a product of the “Chickification” of our society. A society that teaches children that self-esteem is more important than anything else. Little Johnny is taught that 2+2 = 5, if it makes him feel better. We don’t keep score at children’s sporting events any longer, or the outcome is always a tie. Win or lose, every child gets a trophy. The use of red ink to correct schoolwork is being done away due to it’s “negative” effect on poor little Johnny. More and more schools are doing away with the graduation valedictorian and salutatorian. You see, it makes the average children uncomfortable. We can’t have that.

Well, we’ve all heard the saying “life isn’t fair”. There are, in fact, winners and losers. If your team loses the game you don’t get a trophy and you must deal with it. If you’re not the smartest or most popular kid in school, deal with it. So you’re not the valedictorian; most are not. Deal with it.

For decades now children haven’t just been nurtured, they’ve been coddled. Parents, teachers and society in general attempt to insulate our kids from reality. We attempt to shield them from every conflict or negative encounter. They must not know disappointment, not at a young age.

Well then, what happens when our children bump up against it (disappointment) later in life? The answer is, they have no idea how to handle it.

A small problem to any well-adjusted person is escalated into a massive calamity, in their mind, because they’ve never been taught to deal with that inefficacy.

This is why, in my estimation, we’ve seen the senseless violence in recent years. That and the desire to be famous just to be famous; the Kardashian effect, as it were.

The government can enact all the idiotic, knee-jerk laws it wants. That won’t solve the problem. It will just disarm the good people.

But hey, that’s what Hitler and Stalin did and that worked out great!