The Lies of Immigration Part 1

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Guest Post by John C. Velisek USN (Ret)
for the Common Constitutionalist

Over the past few weeks, Trump Derangement Syndrome has achieved new levels. The progressive socialists, commonly called democrats, have gotten their panties in a wad, the hand-wringing is likely to cause blisters, and the chorus of calling President Trump inhumane and a Nazi have reached a 24/7 level of caterwauling unknown before today.

What is it all about? It’s all about children sent here by their “loving” parents to sneak into the country and be allowed to bring the parents in to live off the benefits that American politicians bequeath them from the American taxpayer. And of course, according to the simpering leftists, if you don’t agree, you are a “racist”, “xenophobic” uneducated dullard who rejects progress.

Right now the Democrats have an agenda that the American people do not agree with. Part of it is the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The leftists are not concerned with how many more American citizens get raped or murdered by illegals. And yes, I will continue to say illegal and not “undocumented.” That is now a part of the Progressive socialist party platform of 2020. Every progressive socialist democrat intends to turn our country into open border anarchy where they can press further corruption and allow illegal aliens to vote, which to this day is considered a felony.

Does it happen? I live in California. In the last election, it was more challenging to find an English speaking vote counter than one who spoke Spanish.

Nationally, this agenda is being pushed by such corrupt individuals as Jack Mirkinson of Splinter News, a radical socialist website, who wants followers to hound those who disagree and force them to change their minds. We have Sean McElwee of The Nation,
comparing ICE to Hitler and the KKK, neither of which he knows anything about.

To be honest, the NAZI and KKK comparisons are getting old. They were lies when they were started by Soros (a man who should know a Nazi when he sees one), and dribbled out whenever there is no other good or logical argument available by the talking heads. And if calling you a Nazi doesn’t work, the next fallback is that you are a white supremacist if you don’t agree with their agenda. Most of the loudmouths spouting this nonsense can’t even give a reasonable explanation of what they mean. That being the case, they have now moved to declare that any conversation you attempt to have is “hate speech” as delineated to everyone by Facebook, Twitter and Google. It is further explained that hate speech is violence and as such, makes it impossible to carry on an intelligent conversation on any subject.

The other day I watched our DHS Secretary give a concise and clear explanation at a press conference that answered the questions about which the hand-wringing dwarfs of the mainstream media were all upset. Because you disagree with her does not give you the right to surround her at dinner with her family and harass her until she leaves the restaurant. But they know, as a conservative in the Trump administration, they would get away with this indecent behavior.

Can you see these wimps trying this on someone like General Mattis? These little cardboard cutouts, wound up by people like Soros, Schumer and Pelosi, would be dropped like a bad habit. And yes, a vast majority of Americans would buy a ticket to see it.