The Left is Unhinged over Detention Facilities

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by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Let’s get one thing straight. The Southern border detention facilities are like Sandals Resorts compared with concentration/death/labor camps in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China.

And anyone who makes such an absurd comparison is a moron, who, in Nazi Germany, would have be deemed too mentally impaired to continue living. For the good of society they would have been euthanized.

Regarding the Southern border, Rush Limbaugh had a great point just yesterday, as to why the dems are hitting the conditions at these detention centers so hard. It’s because they can no longer talk about their other favorite topic – the plight of the homeless.

During both the Reagan and Bush presidencies, the left lamented regularly about the homeless situation.

Ronald Reagan was constantly blamed for American homelessness. He increased spending, “through the escalating military budget, all the while slashing funds for domestic programs that assisted working class Americans, particularly the poor.”

Decades later, Reagan was still being blamed.

But now, as is obvious to even leftists, democrats are silent on what has become a homeless epidemic. Even they can see that the “epidemic” is most pronounced in decades-long democrat controlled cities. So the political class and media alike must fall silent.

So, as Rush said, they’ve simply transferred their false outrage away from their own deteriorating cities to our Southern border.

And every leftist has jumped on the bandwagon, demanding answers – just not for the sad state of their own citizens.

All the radicals are chiming in about just how tragic the conditions are at the border detention centers.

Now every photograph I’ve seen personally, shows chain link fence pens to be sure. But inside these pens looks relatively clean – kids are clothed, although some leftists have complained that some children are only half clothed. Of course – they are after all in the desert southwest, where it’s 90 plus degrees during the day. I’d only be half-dressed too.

Anecdotal tales and photos have circulated about dirty children, with fever, flu, etc. – older children forced to care for younger children, and generally squalled conditions.

Of course these leftist bomb-throwers never bother to mention if the children showed up this way and with whom. I’m sure the little tikes showed up at our border in tiny tuxedos and ball gowns, only to be stripped down by evil guards and dressed instead in prison jumpsuits. Then dragged through the mud, forced to eat dirt sandwiches and given bed linens woven from poison oak.

This is obviously ridiculous but to hear the left describe things, it’s not far off.
The Chicago Chronicle wrote just a couple of days ago: “Quit arguing about what to call the migrant camps near the border. Children are dying. Don’t look away.”

And yes, children are dying, although relatively few, considering the circumstances. And the reason they are is that selfish adults have dragged them 1500 miles or more through extremely harsh terrain. When they finally arrive, many are in “not ideal” condition and must be cared for as best as the border agents can. Some will fall through the cracks and this is a shame. But it’s not the fault of the border agents, ICE, Trump, or any other right thinking American.

The fault lies with two groups only – the immigrants themselves, who put their own children’s lives at stake, and of course, our smarmy politicians, who over the years, have put themselves and their donors above all else, by incentivizing illegal behavior.

I mean, what’s a few dead kids in exchange for all that cheap labor and votes.

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