The Budget Deal From Hell

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Everyone and their brother are talking about the latest behemoth budget deal. The deal couldn’t be worse for the country if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi crafted it themselves. Strike that – they did, or at least helped Ryan and McConnell.

Words can’t adequately describe what an abomination it is. For us conservatives – we have been genuinely betrayed, like Joseph in the Bible, practically stripped bare, thrown into a cistern and sold into slavery by his own brothers.

Some pundits on the right have attempted to explain the massive giveaways to the democrats as a mere bargaining chip to secure the right of domestic oil producers to export their products. That is a red herring. There isn’t enough oil on the planet that can make up for selling our sovereignty. And that’s exactly what these pitiful wastes of space are attempting to do.

Money aside, the Republicans have handed Obama and the democrats the handle on the immigration valve and effectively said, “Go ahead and open her up – full blast. Let them all in. We don’t care. Let in the Mexicans, the central and South Americans. Let in the Syrians, ISIS and al-Qaeda. And we’re giving you $1.6 billion to do it.” And you know that is just a starting figure. If this thing passes, it will end up being a lot more.

Imagine, for that same money we could purchase almost 1500 Tomahawk cruise missiles or 40,000, 2,000 lb. JDAM’s (Joint Direct Attack Munition). You know – to fight ISIS. But why bother now. Now we can just wait until they arrive on our shores and fight them here.

I’m reminded of the comedy, Hot Shots, Part Deux, where the bumbling American president is explaining his war plan to an aid. He spins a globe and it stops on Minnesota or something. He exclaims that we will attack here! The aid says, but sir, the enemy is on the other side of the globe. The Paul Ryanpresident says that’s okay – we’ll just fly them over and fight them here. It will save us the trouble of traveling.

And I guess the republicans aren’t too worried about security as they’ve authorized the “resettlements” through 2018. After all, we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

There is still a chance that this bill won’t pass, but personally, I think it’s somewhere between slim and none. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to call your Congressman and voice your displeasure – not that they even pretend to listen to us anymore. At least not until next year’s election season. By then, as they are all counting on, this will be old news and the low information crowd, assuming they knew to begin with, would have long forgotten.

As I said, the oil export thing is a minor issue and a head fake on the part of the establishment. We all know the real reason for folding like so many deck chairs is two fold. First is the fact that Republican leadership, all leadership, are pansies. They have convinced themselves that it is impossible to weather a fight with Obama and the dems. All evidence to the contrary,  they are certain that a dreaded government slowdown (83% remains open) will cause the media to say mean things about them. And we know they are oh so sensitive.

Then there are, as I mentioned, the upcoming elections. Republicans are convinced, because their advisors and pundits tell them so, that they cannot be reelected if the government shuts down, so they must preempt this looming disaster by folding far in advance, hoping their timidity will not be remembered.

However, this year is likely to be different. I believe they are underestimating the sheer anger, and size, of the conservative base – not towards the democrats, but toward the establishment. This year may cause the Tea Party revolution of 2010 and 2014 to appear as a blip on the radar screen. By their actions they are turning once quiet conservatives into activists. When it’s all over they may wish they would have fought the dems.