Texas strikes back at New York

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by: the Common Constitutionalist 

By now everyone, at least the geeks that follow this stuff (like you and me), have heard New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent speech regarding the few conservatives that may still reside in his state.


For those who haven’t, here’s a quick recap: The governor stated that, “There is a schism in the Republican Party. They’re searching to define their soul… Who are they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay – if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”


Now that sounds reasonable, don’t you think? It sure is nice to see the lefts tolerance and acceptance of others viewpoints and beliefs on display.


Now rumor is that Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas is preparing a speech to counter Cuomo’s remarks. As luck would have it, I have obtained a draft copy of said speech. Let me reveal it to you now.


“Conservatives, unlike liberals, are freethinkers and thus have varying opinions on many subjects. Normally we conservatives do not march in lockstep – but I, as the duly elected speechifier (got that word from “W”) do decree the following to all who reside in the state of Texas.”


“From here on, Texas will be an abortion free state. Anyone who wishes to have an abortion will be free to leave the state and will be denied entry if they choose to return. They are not welcome here.”


“Borrowing from the Swiss, every adult citizen of Texas will be issued an assault weapon and is required to keep it in good working order and present that weapon to authorities once a year for inspection. If you refuse the weapon, you will be removed from your home and deported to New YorkState. You will be denied entry if you choose to return. You have no place in Texas.”


“Borrowing from Russia, Texas will be a homosexual free state. If one is found to be homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, multi-gendered, semi-gendered or any combination, you’ll be deported to New YorkState. You have no place in Texas.”


“Any citizen of Texas who is found to have voted for Barack Obama will be deported to New YorkState. You have no place in Texas because that’s not what Texans are.”


“Furthermore, any liberal who can no longer take the oppressive taxes, overregulation and political correctness gone wild of another state will be granted asylum in Texas. They must relinquish their right to vote in any state or local election for a period of five years. At the five-year mark, they will be given a test to judge their competency and make sure they have been deprogrammed.”


Now anyone who actually believes that a word of the previous Perry pronouncements are real needs to have their heads examined!


Of course I made them up, and did so, as Rush says, to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd.


And anyone who would say such things, as Gov. Cuomo did, should be run out of town on a rail.


In a just and civil society that’s what should happen to the not so “esteemed” Gov. Cuomo.


Does the phrase “recall petition” strike a chord? It should!


Shame on you New York and anyone who voted for the demagogue Andrew Cuomo.

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

13 comments on “Texas strikes back at New York

  1. You Rock! I loved this “speech” – oh that it were only true. I’m a free thinking, right wing, gun toting, great grandmother who flies frequently – I’m now trying to figure out how I can fly out of the country without going through New York. We used to be able to fly non-stop out of Atlanta, but for some reason that doesn’t happen any more. Perhaps we should start petitioning airlines to not land in NYC on international flights. We could say we ‘fear for our freedom if we land in NYC!’ What do you think?

  2. I would absolutely love it if the foregoing draft letter were finalized and sent to New York. It stands for and says everything I would say personally to Cuomo. Absolutely fantastic response from Texas, and should be the response of every other state in the nation.

  3. It is only going to get worse if the liberals have their way. Head for Washington DC on May 16, 2014. I hear there will be a lot of patriots and conservatives at the outhouse to show their disdain for this bunch of Marxist , liberal heathens who are trying to destroy this once great nation, and might I say, doing a pretty good job of it.

  4. ROFLOL! But, some governors SHOULD consider a refute to Cuomo’s speech. I THOUGHT the left had been preaching for years that the Republicans were the ones that were unwelcoming to those who didn’t agree with all of their goals. It amazes me how stupid people can really be.

    • It IS real. Move to Texas. Post haste!

      We are truly tolerant here in Texas. THEY are tolerant only when it agrees with THEIR agenda.

      Texas… land of the brave. Land of the free. I would/could live nowhere else!

  5. Hooray for Texas. And anyone who supports the Constitution.
    Tell Como to run up a gum tree and stick or take a long walk off of a short peere
    We have to impeach Barach Obama and the rest of the communist in Goverment or we are dead as a country. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. Better move to Texas soon, before they slam the doors shut. I love the way they think and live their lives in freedom-loving grandiosity that many other citizens of the liberal bent of mind could not begin to understand.

  7. Texas should secede from the U S and start its own country I’ll be the first New Yorker to gladly move there with cuomo in chains behind me screaming all the way! We must change his evil ways. This has disturbed me ever since he got elected. Not all New Yorkers agree with this liberal idiot bully!

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