Taxpayers Lose Again with the Stop-Gap Spending Bill

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Shut It Down: Republicans Chicken Out Yet Again

from The American Spectator:

There was a reason that FDR opposed the unionization of public sector workers. Rather than the natural negotiation tension between a company owner and an employee in which the owner is trying to conserve his capital while the employee across the table tries to get as much as he can, when a politician or bureaucrat is negotiating with a public sector union, they’re both on the same side of the table, spending taxpayers’ money, usually without a taxpayer representative anywhere nearby. It’s a recipe for fiscal disaster and perhaps national economic suicide.

The same is true, as proved this weekend, when Republicans and Democrats, having colluded to put off legislation needed to “keep the government open” until the waning days of existing federal spending authority, crafted a “deal” in which taxpayers are utterly betrayed. Government by emergency is never good for the taxpayer, and this emergency was, as so many are, a product of bipartisan conspiracy.

Republicans (notwithstanding President Donald “No Entitlement Reform” Trump) market themselves as the party of fiscal restraint. But once “last-minute” negotiations begin on a spending bill under the guise of “we can’t have a shutdown,” the Republican walks around from his side of the table, sits next to the Democrat, gives him a big hug, and says “I’ll vote for yours if you vote for mine.”

(For those interested in an insider’s look at how this machine works, I recommend Congressman Ken Buck’s new book, Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think.)

The result? A trillion-dollar deal to fund government for the remaining five months of this fiscal year in which Democrats and Republicans, or more precisely the big-spending subset of Republicans, each get a few items on their wish lists and taxpayers get shafted.

The Trump administration wanted an additional $30 billon for the Defense Department. They got a $12 billion increase, enough to begin making up for Barack Obama’s shameful disregard for our national defense.

Team Trump also wanted $3 billion for additional “border security,” but got half of that amount, again enough for the time being. Importantly, this money is not for a border wall; that particular Trump desire was abandoned during this “negotiation.” [UPDATE: During a Tuesday press conference, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney claimed that some of this money will in fact be used for a “20-foot high steel wall,” just not a brick-and-mortar wall, adding “that’s what Democrats don’t want you to know.]

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