Stein: Democrat Long Knives

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from the American Spectator:

The Democrats’ Long Knives

To whom do we owe our freedom? Do we owe it to the nightly news show hosts? I don’t think so. To the rap stars? Again, not a chance. To our great athletes? To the stars whom we sometimes dance with? No.

We owe everything to a tiny sliver of the population, about 2/3 of one percent, who wear the uniform. They put up their lives each and every day to save us. There are about 1.45 million of them out of a national population of about 330 million. We do virtually nothing for them. They do everything for us.

Are we helping them when we overthrow the Constitution they are sworn to uphold? When we turn the normal Constitutional processes for separation of powers and Articles one, two and three powers into mush, are we doing right by our soldiers? When we tell them that the standard rules and regulations for running the government have been overthrown and replaced by the shouts of screaming mobs of New Left provocateurs, are we keeping our end of the bargain with those who serve?

We have a mighty armed forces sworn to protect the rules of governance as they have been run since the days of George Washington. Then we tell them that those rules no longer apply. Instead, we have government by lynch mobs of media and over-ambitious civil servants. The government is simply not what it was. It’s now a terrifying mob of ignorant people who will jettison their own oaths to protect and serve the people to win elections and to get on TV.

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