My WND Weekly Exclusive – So Obama Isn’t the Smartest Being Ever?

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You probably heard former Defense Secretary Robert Gates say last Tuesday that “President Obama thinks he is smarter than his advisers and that he surrounds himself with people who will not question his views.”

As Bruce Willis said in the first “Die Hard” movie: “Welcome to the party, pal!” It’s nice to see others recognizing and admitting what we’ve known for almost a decade.

Yet the left, from day 1, has been propping Obama up as the smartest being alive, possessing talents mere mortals don’t possess.

Gates told Joe Scarborough that the president told his staff: “I can do every one of your jobs better than you can.” Morning Joe was evidently shocked by this news as his three word response was “Oh my God!” Or maybe it should be “Oh my Barack!” But then why would Joe know this? He works for MSNBC, the sycophantic stenographers of the Obama administration. They only know of and report the official Obama line. His reaction is like one of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s people discovering the leader in fact did not make 19 holes-in-one playing an 18-hole golf course. “Oh my Kim!”

Gates says, “One of the greatest weaknesses of the White House is implementation of strategy, is difficulty in developing strategy and then implementing that strategy.” He says he didn’t see the kind of “strong” people around Obama “who will challenge him on issues.

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