Six Degrees of Racism

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by: Brent Smith

There is an idea or saying called Six Degrees of Separation, where all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. A derivative of this is a game, called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where you choose 6 celebrities, and through a similar process, all roads lead to Kevin Bacon. I’ve never tried it, but I understand it does work.

However, the left is more apt to play Six Degrees of Racism, where they choose six political or current event topics (one and the same for leftists), and eventually all roads will lead back to racism.

To the casual observer, this may seem incongruous, but as racism is a leftist’s go-to, can’t-fail play, it is logical that every thought or emotion will lead back to racism.

The Daily Wire has chronicled another such example.

from the Daily Wire:

Illinois ‘Anti-Racist’ Training: Expecting People Of Color To Teach White People Is ‘Covert White Supremacy’

CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 14, 2020: English teacher Aniset Elli teaches children during a class at the private kindergarten Colibri. Aniset Elli grew up in Cameroon, studied law and worked as a lawyer; after moving to Russia he got a bachelor's degree in international relations in Nizhny Novgorod, now he is a linguistics student in Chelyabinsk. Nail Fattakhov/TASS EDITORIAL USE ONLY; NO COMMERCIAL USE; NO ADVERTISING
Nail FattakhovTASS via Getty Images

A wealthy school district in the Chicago suburbs hosted “anti-racism” training for school leadership that told administrators that expecting people of color to teach white people is a form of “covert white supremacy.”

On Feb. 26, Naperville District 203 held an “anti-racism” training hosted by the Countywide Equity Institute and leadership coach Dena Simmons. Topics included best “equity and inclusion” practices for the district as well as “implicit bias” and “microaggressions” training.

According to a report from The Federalist, Simmons, the keynote speaker, told attendees that Americans are “spiritually murdering” black students. Simmons also reportedly told listeners that white people removing snow is indicative of systemic racism. The speaker was likely referencing a Los Angeles Times article wherein the author condemned her Republican neighbor for snow plowing her driveway days after the Capitol riot.

In an article entitled “How to Be an Antiracist Educator,” Simmons, who graduated from Yale University, praised The New York Times’ widely-criticized “1619 Project” as the gold standard for education.  Simmons also said during a TEDx talk that “white supremacy” is the result of schools that refuse to teach “racial justice” and “anti-racism” to students.

A tweet from Jayne Williard, the assistant superintendent of curriculum in District 203, shows that 10 other panelists were slated to talk throughout the “anti-racism” training.

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