Shocker: More and More Wish to Leave New York

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from the Washington Free Beacon:

Businesses, Residents Plan to Leave New York

Poll: One-third N.Y. residents plan to move because it’s too expensive

Several companies are relocating from the Empire State, numerous businesses have announced they are closing shop altogether citing economic reasons, and a new poll shows a third of New York residents plan to move because they can’t afford to stay.

A review of the New York Department of Labor WARN notices shows several companies are relocating to other states. Private sector employers that have more than 50 employees must file a notice before closing a plant and must also notify the state when they are laying off 33 percent of their workforce.

Alliance Bernstein, an investment management and research company, announced in its latest filing more worker layoffs are planned in May as it is moving its corporate headquarters to Nashville, Tenn. The company has been transitioning to Tennessee and laying off its workers incrementally.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

Another company, which makes artificial fingernails, announced it is moving its warehouse production to New Jersey and will begin layoffs in May. Kiss Products, located on Long Island, will close its plant on May 22. Kiss Products also did not return calls for comment.

AT&T Services indicated in its WARN notice it is relocating some operations from New York. The company is moving one of its call centers from Syracuse to Orange Park, Fla. A total of 155 layoffs are planned for mid-April. Every affected employee has been offered a job in the new location and a relocation allowance, or a job with the company, said Marty Richter of AT&T Corporate Communications.

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