Ridin the Pipeline

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Not that Pipeline!

Let me begin by saying that I am not a scientist, but I am a thinker & can do actual research when it is necessary, although thoughtless clichéd talking points would take a lot less time.

If you haven’t heard, an oil company, Transcanada, wants to build an oil pipeline from the tar sands inside Canada travelling through several midwest states and ending up in Texas.

The proposed Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion Project is approximately 2,673-kilometers (1,661-miles)long. The 36-inch diameter crude oil pipeline would begin at Hardisty, Alberta and extend southeast through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. It would incorporate a portion of the Keystone Pipeline (Phase II) through Nebraska and Kansas to serve markets at Cushing, Oklahoma before continuing through Oklahoma to a delivery point near existing terminals in Nederland, Texas to serve the Port Arthur, Texas marketplace.

Sounds good, right? Aren’t we all looking for a path to energy independence? This is clearly one of those paths, not to mention all the private sector jobs it would create.

Evidently, we are not all looking for that. Here is just one more shining example of the green lobby standing in the way.

Todays environmentalist wacko reason is the preservation of the massive Ogallala aquifer.

Ogallala Aquifer

The Obama administration has decided to put the brakes on the project so that more environmental impact studies can be done. They say a decision will be made in 2013. The state of Nebraska is also trying to stop the pipeline or have it rerouted away for the aquifer. Great news. Environuts win over common sense again.

Digression: I believe the real reason for the delay is so as to not piss off one of their wacko voting blocks prior to an election. They are not doing well with the regular folks so they can’t afford to have any of the lefties sit the election out.

Because of the delay, Canada’s oil-sands industry could just decide to bypass U.S. markets altogether and sell fuel directly to China using a pipeline through western Canada to the shores of the Pacific.

The Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the decision to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline may kill the project and could add momentum to efforts to open up the Asian market for Canadian oil.

Jim Flaherty

“The decision to delay it that long is actually quite a crucial decision,” Flaherty told Bloomberg News at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu. Flaherty adds, “I’m not sure this project would survive that kind of delay.”

Are we all hearing this? They are not just going to sit on their collective hands forever & they won’t bullied.

An industry consultant who headed the federal pipeline safety agency under the Bush administration said any changes probably would mean building a longer pipeline than TransCanada originally planned. That could expose the project to still more objections because a longer pipeline has more points at which it can fail.

“You could set this pipeline up for a death by a thousand cuts: Next, year, the new route’s not good enough,” consultant Brigham McCown said. “I’m very skeptical about the fairness of the process at this point.” You are right to be skeptical. The most vocal opponents plan to keep up their fight regardless of the route.

The environmental group Friends of the Earth are among those most vocal opponents.
“I don’t think there is an alternative route that solves the problems of this project,” said Damon Moglen, the group’s climate director.

Lefty eviroloon James Hanson wrote in the publication Alternet about the pipeline, “It will be game over for the planet”. The whole planet? Really James? Oh, guess who funds the aforementioned Alternet? The devil himself, George Soros.

What makes this worse is David & Charles Koch, yes the evil conservative Koch Brothers, are investors in the Keystone project. These devils want to front their own money on this project instead of receiving a government grant or loan guarantees. What’s wrong with these people?

It is abundantly clear to me. These groups want this project killed, whatever the cost. No oil, no security, no jobs.

Just how much oil? The pipeline will provide between 500,000 to 700,000 barrels of oil a day.

Just how many jobs? There are many and varied estimates on the amount of jobs it would create in the U.S.
I’ve seen anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000. The industry consensus is about 20-30,000. The good people opposing the pipeline have estimated no more 6,000. So let’s just find a happy medium & say about 15,000 new jobs. That’s not bad. The best part is they are private sector jobs. We don’t need to borrow from the Chicoms, & the treasury doesn’t need to print any more Monopoly money.

These are also, I guarantee, not minimum wage jobs. These people will have to buy food, housing, transportation, clothing, entertainment, etc. How many more jobs will that create, thousands?

But what about the Aquifer? An oil spill would certainly ruin it for all time (just ask James Hanson).

The short explanation involves rate of percolation, deep drainage, recharge rates & such.

The aquifer is found from 15 to 90 meters (50 to 300 feet) below the land surface.

Groundwater recharge or deep drainage or deep percolation is a hydrologic process where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater & to the saturated zone. Recharge & percolation rates vary by amount of precipitation, soil type, vegetation cover and being that this region is semi arid, averages less than 25 millimeters (1 inch) annually for the region as a whole.

Nonscientist, commonsense alert: So if surface water barely percolates to the aquifer, how would oil, which is lighter than water? If there were to be an oil spill, it seems to me, they would have more than ample time to clean up the spill before it got anywhere close to the saturation zone.

So let’s see if I have this straight. We can’t drill in Alaska, off the west coast, off the Atlantic coast. The gulf drilling has been severely hampered due to the bogus BP, end of the world environmental disaster.
Have we heard anything of the BP spill? No? Wonder why? Because it had almost no lasting impact on the environment. Mother earth cleaned it up almost entirely by her little self. Oil, a naturally occurring substance was cleaned up by other naturally occurring substances.

Now we can’t move someone else’s oil across our country. Next they’ll us we can’t harvest whales for our lanterns.

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