Rand Paul Attacks Ted Cruz

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from Conservative Review:

Does Rand Paul believe the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is paved with endless pandering?

At a time when GOP leaders, led by Mitch McConnell, are engaging in the ultimate betrayal and funding Planned Parenthood and all their butchery, Rand Paul is training his fire on….Ted Cruz!  He lashed out at the senator from Texas, predicting that he’s “done for in the Senate.”  He seemed particularly perturbed by Cruz calling McConnell a liar, even though the senior senator from Kentucky indeed engaged in one of the most verifiable and public acts of lying earlier this year.

Sadly, the negativity Rand is projecting on Cruz for fighting back against the political enemies of our time is precisely why Paul is “done for” in the presidential race. The voters are looking for someone who has no respect for the current system and those who broke it, not someone who is trying to pander to it.  They are looking for not just a pandering vote, but a robust voice.  Rand would be wise to watch Cruz’s epic speech this week, which essentially encapsulates all the frustrations all of us have had with the current political system.  If Rand has a better way forward, it’s clearly lost on everyone.

“Sadly, the negativity Rand is projecting on Cruz for fighting back against the political enemies of our time is precisely why Paul is “done for” in the presidential race.”


It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

Back in the summer of 2009, like many conservatives, I was revved up by the prospect of Rand Paul storming the establishment castle and challenging the hand-picked Senate candidate in Kentucky, Trey Grayson, who was chosen by Mitch McConnell of all people.  This was the ultimate act of defiance to the permanent political class, and his candidacy gave the grassroots much needed hope that a new GOP majority would actually be different from its predecessors.

Sure, many of us traditional conservatives understood that there would be an occasional issue where the libertarian-leaning Paul would take a different view, but for the most part everyone in the grassroots anticipated the promise of an intellectually honest fighter.

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2 comments on “Rand Paul Attacks Ted Cruz

  1. Paul is the typical second generation politician. He may have one good idea that may or may not work and believes that it is all he need to vault him to the presidency. Because none can stand on their own merits they must show that everyone else will be worse than they. It has been nothing but the running attack on character with no substance. Trump has tossed the proverbial monkey wrench into the gears because he voices the questions that regular people have been asking. We have been given the chance to see the character of the candidates for the ones who have the backbone to answer directly or which dances around with the typical political non answer. If trump isn’t the candidate he is the one who has given the people the opportunity to make the right choices for it seems we tire of the politics as usual candidates with the attitude that its their turn to be president. Time to take a stand people and deside if we want another political president or a people president.

  2. Rand used to be man to admire and respect. Sadly he’s been losing respect and admiration the more he sides with the ‘establishment’. Though he won’t be president, nor even the nominee, he can restore his dignity by returning to his principles…and staying put this time.

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