Racialism in Philly

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By now many have heard of the uproar that was caused by an article written by Bob Huber in Philadelphia Magazine entitled “Being White in Philly“.

In the article, Mr. Huber writes that his friends have become blind to the plight in the poorest neighborhoods. He explains that whites don’t just avoid these poor black areas, but do their best to erase them from their minds – as if they don’t exist.Michael Nutter

As an aside: Mr. Huber doesn’t appear to be very bright – he not only gives up his son’s name, but the address of the apartment his son is living at near Temple University.

The article continues with anecdotes of strained relationships between blacks and whites. He did continually call blacks African-Americans, which I refuse to do. That’s at least one politically correct point in his favor, I guess. However, it didn’t get him anywhere with the “Black Community”.

Others have written about the flap over this article, calling out the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, for effectively siccing the government on Bob Huber and Philadelphia Magazine.

I agree that Nutter has no right to use the force of the state, or city in this case, for persecution, but honestly what do we expect? After all, our dear president jailed a man that made a dopey You Tube movie about Islam. If you recall, Mark Basseley Youssef was snatched up and held without bail. You may also recall the whole incident of the video causing protests and riots was a lie. So why be surprised when some chump mayor sees fit to persecute a private citizen.

What I got out of this article was not that it was simply the honest accounting of Mr. Huber’s thoughts and feelings. It was the all too typical mentality of being offended by anything and everything.white in philly

A perfect example of this was contained in one of Mr. Huber’s anecdotes. He wrote of a white female student who lost her blackberry (shouldn’t it be African American Berry) during a biology lab at Villanova University. She evidently put a message on Facebook to all her classmates that read: “wondering if you happened to pick it up or know who did”. There was but one black female student in the same class. Upon receiving the white girls Facebook post, the black girl responded: “why would I just happened to pick up a blackberry and if this is a personal message, I’m offended”.

And there you have it! The state of race relations in America perfectly summarized in one statement.

So I ask, who is the racialist here?

Pet peeve alert: let’s clear up something . Racialism and racism, although used synonymously, are not the same. In fact the correct term is racialism. Racism is “the theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race”, while racialism is “the belief in the superiority of a particular race.”

Okay, to answer the question, clearly the black girl is the racialist, with her assumption that the white girl thinks herself superior and therefore can single out the poor black girl.

The question that should be asked is how the black girl and an abundance of American blacks got to a place where they can be offended by the time of day.the-justice-brothers

As most thinking people have or should have surmised, it is the liberal education system and liberal white guilt in general, as well as the industry of racialism promoted by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al.

This is how these hack politicians get elected and remain, at all levels of government, whether it be Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, and idiot like Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, or our president.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, blacks in this country have been convinced that someone of the same race can only solve their collective problems. A white politician could never understand the black struggle. As if their struggle is any more severe than some destitute white family living in a holler in Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia.

As long as there is human nature, there will always be prejudice. There will always be whites that don’t like blacks because they’re black and vice versa. That’s just the way it is. You can’t legislate it out of existence. Living your life just waiting to be offended is no way to live, and a bloody waste of time to boot.

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