Prager University – Fascism is just Another Form of Socialism

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The left wants us to believe that conservatives and those on the right are fascists. But Dinesh D’Souza for Prager University explains just what fascism truly is and who the father, or philosopher, of fascism is.

He tells us that the father of fascism was an Italian, Giovanni Gentile. D’Souza also explains that fascism is decidedly leftist as Gentile, a committed socialist, was influenced by his mentor Karl Marx.

Dinesh adds that simply put, “Fascists are socialists with a national identity.”

Watch the Video:

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One comment on “Prager University – Fascism is just Another Form of Socialism

  1. 🐪When I Joined the Honorable Ron Paul Libertarian Movement Tea Party Now It’s Called Civil Liberties After Being Hijacked by All-white Teeebagarzz Libertarian Party, Alas the Lavatory of the Republican Party Votes Bank Who’re Dumbed Between the Aisle of the Capitol. Dinesh D’souza Was then a Spelling Bee Who Taught Ann Coulter Decent Vocabulary. Obama Came to Power and Dinesh D’souza Too. He’s Godsend Indian Who Fixed Whitefolks Fuckups, Cheaper Than Latino and Smarter Than a Honigga. Fascism Is Just Another Form of Socialism Oh noh.. If It’s from Dinesh D’souza Then It’s Wikitrash Googledjunk. Sorry for My French … I Like Your Tolerance Budd.
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