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Santorum may end bid:

Santorum will quit the race for the republican presidential nomination if he finishes at or toward the bottom.

That’s a real shame. He is one of two real conservatives in the race. The other, of course, is Bachmann.

Santorum told News Radio 1040 WHO-AM in Des Moines, Iowa, “My feeling is we have to exceed expectations,” he said. “And the expectations right now for us are pretty low based on a lot of the national polls. So I feel like we need to do well. We need to be right in the mix. Obviously, we’d love to win it. Our intention is to win it. And we’re doing everything we can to try and finish first. And somewhere in that middle of the pack and up we’d feel very, very good though.”

“Look if I finish dead last — way behind the pack — I’m going to pack up and go home, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” he declared.

Gingrich gets a key endorsement:

Republican presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich received a key endorsement from economist Arthur Laffer.

“Newt has the best plan for jobs and economic growth of any candidate in the field,” said Laffer, the renowned economist who is the father of The Laffer Curve and supply-side economics. He was the architect of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan.

Laffer went on to say, “Rebuilding the America we love requires returning to job creation and economic growth. We need big changes to fix the economy, and I am ready to stand up to Barack Obama’s class warfare rhetoric to make the case that letting the American people keep more of what they earn is the best way to create jobs.”

Romney Heralded:

Candidate Mitt Romney received the endorsement of the Boston Herald Newspaper.

“There is only one candidate in the Republican field with the integrity, the experience, the organizational strength and the intelligence to beat Barack Obama and that man is Mitt Romney,” the Herald wrote.

Being that Romney is the former Governor of Massachusetts, they continued, “Now we are more aware than most of our former governor’s reputation for being, well, a bit stiff. But this is a contest for what we used to call Leader of the Free World [before Barack Obama downgraded the job], not Mr. Congeniality or the guy you’d most like to have a beer with.

In short, the newspaper declares, “Mitt Romney can get the job done — the job of running for president and the job of governing. And the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy.”

Attribution: Newsmax

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