Podcast – VP Pence Attends Last Musical – Diversity of Discipline – We Don’t Need No Stinking Jobs

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VP elect Mike Pence had the nerve to enter the lion’s den of liberalism and attend the smash Broadway hit, and cocktail set musical, Hamilton. Anyone who is anyone must see and be seen attending Hamilton. However, if one is a republican who just vanquished the democrat in a recent election, the lesson is to not attend a Manhattan function of any kind, lest you get booed and jeered by the tolerant liberals who espouse diversity – just not of thought.

School districts throughout the United States discipline their teachers and students in a variety of ways. One way is to do virtually nothing when two students perform a skit entitled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” in the middle of a classroom. Another way is to fire a teacher for her use of racial slurs.

Good employees are difficult to find. Lazy ones are evidently much easier, as I found during a recent trip to a local Walmart.


One comment on “Podcast – VP Pence Attends Last Musical – Diversity of Discipline – We Don’t Need No Stinking Jobs

  1. Your comment about Walmart was very sad. However, the day of reckoning is going to come! All the alphabet soup programs are going to run out of money as the National Debt climbs. There will then be economic chaos because the freeloaders will not be able to handle it.
    Also, please note that while there are those who prefer not to work,there are millions who want to. However, the policies of the current Administration have beat them down. There are people who have been out of work for months or even years after having tried time and again to find employment. They end up where the goverment wants them: on the dole. The government wants people in that position in order to control them.

    It also tries to destroy incentive by unreasonably taxing those who are of means in order to redistribute the income seized to the indolent. The view develops why work if the government is going to take it all. In addition, with the destruction of the work ethic, the awareness that an entry level job may have lower wages but a person can move up with experience and training is lost. Thus there are people who look at the amount they can get living on the dole and compare it with entry level wages. The entry level job wages may be lower so the opt not to work not realizing that the “dole” will remain at that same level. There is no advancement.

    Finally, something that you did not touch on in this session is that there are jobs which cannot be filled because the so-called high school graduates cannot read or do basic arithmetic computations! Hence, there will be robots doing the jobs that humans are not smart enough to do!

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