Podcast – Germany Suffers a Terrorist Attack – Trumps Creeping Convention Speech

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An 18 year old loner killed 9 and injured 16 in Munich Germany in another mass shooting event. It doesn’t appear to be ISIS-inspired this time, however this was no run-of-the-mill 18 year old whack-job. Reports claim him to be Iranian-German, which means he’s Iranian living in German. Find out more in segment one.

Segment two the discussion turns The Donald and his magnificent acceptance speech at the Republican convention. And it was good – well written and well delivered – and perfect for the casual watcher and listener. But to those of us who know what to look for, it was creepy and scary.


One comment on “Podcast – Germany Suffers a Terrorist Attack – Trumps Creeping Convention Speech

  1. To the people of Germany. You fell for a madman with the blame others for your problems Like us your guilt has been used against you. Now you felt the side of the blame. your guilt is false for you can see that only a productive country succeeds. the problem with success is that everybody thinks you got that way by robing the poor. You should know for you had those thoughts. In your acts of kindness to share your wealth you opened your borders. Who comes in but the people who have their hand out. They consume and know only that lifestyle. They bring their third world caveman mentality with them and what do you get when you mix caveman with modern weapons? chaos. Even in peaceful times it is foolish to go to bed and leave the door open. You have invited people in with very different standards. To regain your land you must first rid yourselves of the parasite. Please do so for I have many friends and relatives who are there. To the people who point to the christian barbaric past. Yes we did that. We had people who misinterpret the bible and torah. We evolved and no longer use these words as justification to murder. Not so islam for they have no words of peace. If they live by islam they must not be allowed to immigrate for they like the snake bite start with only a small intrusion but their venom spreads quickly killing as it spreads. Move quickly fir like the parasite it kills its host.

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