Podcast – Arizona and Illegal Immigration

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Today I discuss Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s failed attempt to block the “Dreamers” from obtaining driver’s licenses and work permits:

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4 comments on “Podcast – Arizona and Illegal Immigration

  1. A couple of things come to mind as I listened to your podcast. 1st off,I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been sayin’ for years now,our illegal immigrant problem is our #1 problem. We can’t effectively deal with any other issues until we address this one. 2ndly, if the great emancipator was willing and thought it feasible to deport newly freed slaves back to Africa in the 1860’s,how can it not be possible to deport illegals back over the southern border? There wouldn’t even be any ships involved! Of course it’s possible,and to state otherwise is made up nonsense. 3rdly,poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans want the illegals sent back to their home countries; that we’d rather have our tax $ spent on that. So where is a brave politician to take up that cause? He or she would have the majority support of the American citizens. To me,it’s a no-brainer. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck in this political,man-made quagmire with no one to champion our cause.

  2. Does the state set the requirements to get a license? Doesn’t the state require a birth certificate to get a drivers license? Even if it’s a foreign birth certificated. If the illegals can’t produce a BC, then no license. That’s what they would do to US citizens. The state requires a written exam. The state can require a road test. The state can require that a person demonstrate that they can read road signs in English.
    If the illegals can’t produce documentation, then issue them a different colored drivers license. Perhaps one with a different colored background color, or a different colored border.
    About the work permits, instead of green cards, issue them red cards. Get them registered so we know who they are.
    Of course the next step for the illegals will be to register to vote. With a colored drivers license, and colored work permit, it would be easier to exclude them from voter registration.
    If you want to know how the government is getting away with this stuff watch this video, then read the article in the second link.

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