Pennsylvanians Taking their Power Back

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Well, at least some, and that’s a great start.

Frankly, the longer the mask-ups, the shutdowns and lockdowns dragged on, the less confident I was that America is still the United States of old.

In less than a year’s time, the overwhelming majority of citizens morphed into blindly obedient lemmings, doing exactly what they were told, almost without repudiation.

We continued to treat the word of this country’s number one charlatan, Dr. Fauci, as some sort of God of Science. He tasted his 15 minutes of fame and quite liked it. Well over a year later and he appears to remain drunk on power.

And the same can be said of many of the Deep Blue State Governors, who, despite their extraordinary incompetence, remain as arrogant as ever.

But there are signs that Americans are beginning to awaken and rediscovering that it is they (we) who really wield the power. And the Governor of Pennsylvania is finding this out first hand.

from Conservative Review / Daily Caller:

‘The People … Have Spoken’: Voters Strip Away Layers Of Pennsylvania Governor’s Emergency Powers

Pennsylvania voters approved two ballot measures Tuesday to limit the governor’s emergency powers and give more power back to the state legislature.

While the final vote tally is still incomplete, preliminary results show 54% of voters supported a ballot question that would allow a simple majority of lawmakers to do away with a disaster declaration at any time, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. As of current, the governor or two-thirds of the assembly can terminate the declaration, according to the report.

Another measure passed by a similar percentage of voters limits the length of a disaster declaration to 21 days rather than 90 days and gives the legislature the power to extend an emergency order rather than the governor, according to the report.

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