Paul Ryan’s Inclusive Conservatism

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Last week the New York Times wrote:  “Republican leaders on Capitol Hill conceded that they will miss a Friday deadline, and the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday put forward a stopgap measure to prevent a government shutdown and give negotiators an additional five days to reach an agreement.”

And this is what happens every time a budget bill or frankly any “important” legislation (if there is such a thing) comes up. It’s planned and purposeful – playing the postponement game with “stopgap measures.” Isn’t it curious that they always seem to be pushed right to the brink of a holiday period, a government shutdown or such thing? This time it’s a double whammy – Christmas break and the dreaded shutdown (which we all know is a mere slowdown). No one on capital hill wants to be here longer than they have to, so the old game is to keep extending the final decision making until the 11th hour and rush to make a deal, then leave town.

Senator majority leader and head bully, Mitch McConnell already stated there will NEVER again be a government shutdown.

Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a fiscal watchdog group “has called the end-of-year legislation a borrowing “bonanza” with both parties prepared to add about $1 trillion to the nation’s debt…”

And why not pack the spending bill with pork. Everyone knows the Republican leadership will cave, so why not get it while the gettins good.Paul Ryan

The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (ER-WI. – ER meaning Establishment Republican) will be no different than his predecessor, John Boehner. He has already reached out to Nancy Pelosi to begin strategizing on a last minute back room deals, which they will then take to Mitch and Harry Reid, in another back room, to finalize the profligate spending. No, no one has reported this, but it is happening. You can bet on it.

Politico reported  on Saturday that Ryan invited the hag queen (Pelosi) to a two hour dinner Friday evening. Now what could they possibly have spoken about for two hours? I would have about one or two sentences for her and then I’d be done. I would have told her that she’s not merely an adversary – she and her Marxist party is the enemy – an enemy to the Constitution and a disgrace to the Republic. Neither she nor any democrat should ever be consulted with. They should be defeated. There is nothing on this Earth which could be agreed upon with the likes of her.

Yet Ryan has begun using such democrat terms as “inclusive” to describe his agenda. “If we try to play our own version of identity politics and try to fuel ourselves based on darker emotions, that’s not productive,” Mr. Ryan said in a wide-ranging interview on Friday. Well said there Obi-Wan. “I don’t think it will be successful, and I don’t think it is the right thing to do. I believe in an agenda that’s inspirational, that’s inclusive, that’s optimistic,” writes the Times.

They add: “Concerned about the harshly negative presidential campaign dominated by Donald J. Trump, the nation’s highest-ranking Republican says Congress must confront polarizing populism by promoting an “inclusive” policy-focused agenda to counter any personality-driven run sure to cost his party the White House.” In other words Ryan will instead promote a non-polarizing populism?

The Times article is really quite positive regarding Ryan – and that’s both a problem and also quite telling. If the Times writes anything favorable or even hints that a republican is “reasonable,” we know we have the wrong the guy. And once again, the republicans have chosen the wrong – yet another “Cave” man.

One comment on “Paul Ryan’s Inclusive Conservatism

  1. once again, ad nauseum, no one is listening to the American people on capital hill. a pox on them all. what a bunch of limp pansies. disgraceful.

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