Our Truly Broken Justice System

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from Conservative Review:

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John Weed was enjoying the Frederick County, Maryland, Fair last September when a group of teens surrounded him and beat him to death. One of the two brothers involved who later spat on Weed’s lifeless body has now been sentenced by the judge. Did he get the death penalty, which is what Weed suffered in front of his own family in broad daylight at a rural county fair? Nope, he was told to report to anger management class. Welcome to justice in America?

It’s a trend all over the country where groups of predominantly black teens, often numbering 20 or more, surround a victim – black or white – and beat the individual, sometimes to death, in the ultimate act of group cowardice. There is simply no deterrent against these attacks. These kids usually have long rap sheets and never get prison time. Now, we see that is the case even after they kill.

At the time of the killing last year, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who was at the fair when the attack occurred, lamented on my podcast that he feared these kids would get off with little prison time. Thanks to a broken juvenile system and liberal judges in Maryland, the two primary perpetrators were only charged as juveniles.

According to the Frederick New Post, the judge ordered the older of the two, 16, last Wednesday, to report to a juvenile facility for anger management classes. The paper reports that one of its reporters was asked to leave the courtroom by Judge Julie Stevenson Solt because “much about the case that would be discussed, especially regarding the teen’s past and other details, would be too sensitive to be shared in open court.”

Thus, as we all suspected, this juvenile involved in the killing had a rap sheet. But fear not, Judge Solt scheduled a disposition hearing for sometime in the fall “to determine whether the teen has complied with the terms of his probation.”

The prosecutor ultimately agreed to a plea deal that only charged the 16-year-old for spitting on the lifeless body, not for second-degree murder.

Sheriff Jenkins was indignant in his statement to Conservative Review:

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